Man pages for diseasemapping
Modelling Spatial Variation in Disease Risk for Areal Data

bymFit the BYM model
cancerRatesDownload cancer incidence rates from the International Agency...
casedataData set contains the number of cases information
diseasemapping-packageDisease Mapping
formatCasesFormat the disease case data set
formatPopulationFormat a population data set
getBreaksAge Breaks
getRatesCalculate the estimated coefficients of age and sex group...
getSMRCalculate the standardized mortality/morbidity ratios
getStdRateCalculate the standardized rate
inla.modelsValid models in INLA
kentuckyLarynx cancer cases and population in Kentucky
nbInlaToGraphWrite a graph file for INLA
popdataOntario 2006 population by census subdivision
referencepopStandard Canadian population data set from year 1991.
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