Man pages for dispRity
Measuring Disparity

add.treeAdd, remove or get trees (or subtrees)
adonis.dispRityadonis dispRity (from 'vegan::adonis2')
apply.NAApply inapplicable characters to a matrix.
BeckLeeBeck and Lee 2014 datasets
bhatt.coeffBhattacharyya Coefficient
boot.matrixBootstraps and rarefies data.
char.diffCharacter differences
check.morphoCheck a morphological matrix consistency levels.
chrono.subsetsSeparating data in chronological subsets.
Claddis.ordinationImports data from Claddis
clean.dataCleaning phylogenetic data
covar.utilitiesUtilities for a dispRity object with covariance matrices
crown.stemSeparates stem and crown species
custom.subsetsSeparating data into custom subsets.
demo_dataDemo datasets
dispRityCalculates disparity from a matrix.
dispRity.covar.projectionsCovar projection analyses wrapper
dispRity.fastFast dispRity
dispRity.metricDisparity metrics
dispRity-packageMeasuring Disparity in R
dispRity.per.groupDisparity in different groups.
dispRity.through.timeDisparity through time.
distance.randtestRandtest distance
dtt.dispRitydtt dispRity (from 'geiger::dtt')
extinction.subsetsGetting the time subsets before and after an extinction event
geomorph.ordinationImports data from geomorph
get.bin.agesGet time bins ages
get.contrast.matrixGenerates a contrast matrix.
get.matrixExtract elements from a 'dispRity' object.
get.subsetsExtracts or modify subsets from a 'dispRity' object.
make.dispRityMake and fill 'dispRity'.
make.metricCreating disparity metrics
match.tip.edgeMatch tips or nodes edge vector
MCMCglmm.utilitiesMCMCglmm object utility functions
model.testModel Test
model.test.simSimulate Model Test
model.test.wrapperModel test wrapper
multi.aceAncestral states estimations with multiple trees
null.testTesting a null hypothesis on multidimensional data.
pair.plotPlots pairwise comparisons
pgls.dispRityphylolm dispRity (from 'phylolm::phylolm')
plot.char.diffPlots character differences
plot.dispRitydispRity object plotting
print.dispRityPrints a 'dispRity' object.
random.circleRandom circle
randtest.dispRityRandom (permutation) test
reduce.matrixReduce a matrix
reduce.spaceReduce space zero branch length
scale.dispRityRescaling and centering disparity results.
select.axesSelects ordination axes
sim.morphoSimulates morphological data.
slice.treeTime slicing a tree.
slide.nodesStretching a tree
sort.dispRitySorting or ordering a 'dispRity' object.
space.makerCreating multidimensional spaces
summary.dispRitydispRity object summary
test.dispRityTesting disparity hypotheses
test.metricTest disparity metric
tree.ageExtracting the age of nodes and tips in a tree.
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