Man pages for dispositionEffect
Analysis of Disposition Effect on Financial Portfolios

checksChecks functions
closest_market_priceClosest market price
DEanalysisReal sample data for Disposition Effect analysis
difference_in_timeDifference in time
disposition_effectDisposition Effect
dispositionEffect-packagedispositionEffect: behavioral Analysis on Financial Data
evaluatePortfolio evaluation
gains_lossesGains & Losses
initializersInitializers functions
investorSample investor financial transactions
manipulate_initial_dataPre-process transactions and market prices data frames
marketpricesMarket prices of assets traded by the sample investor
negative_matchNegative match operator
paper_computePapers' estimation
pipePipe operator
portfolio_computePortfolio Compute
portfolio_resultsRealized and paper results
portfolio_results_tsRealized and paper results
realized_computeRealized estimation
updatesUpdate results over time
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