distrSim: Simulation Classes Based on Package 'distr'

S4-classes for setting up a coherent framework for simulation within the distr family of packages.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorFlorian Camphausen [ctb] (contributed as student in the initial phase --2005), Matthias Kohl [aut, cph], Peter Ruckdeschel [cre, cph], Thomas Stabla [ctb] (contributed as student in the initial phase --2005)
Date of publication2016-04-23 15:08:10
MaintainerPeter Ruckdeschel <peter.ruckdeschel@uni-oldenburg.de>

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Man pages

0distrSim-package: distrSim - S4-classes for Simulations Based on Package distr

cload: cload

Contsimulation-class: Class "Contsimulation"

Dataclass: Generating function for "Dataclass"

Dataclass-class: Class "Dataclass"

Data.c-methods: Methods for Function Data.c in Package 'distrSim'

Data.id-methods: Methods for Function Data.id in Package 'distrSim'

Data-methods: Methods for Function Data in Package 'distrSim'

distribution.c-methods: Methods for Function distribution.c in Package 'distrSim'

distribution.id-methods: Methods for Function distribution.id in Package 'distrSim'

distribution-methods: Methods for Function distribution in Package 'distrSim'

distrSimMASK: Masking of/by other functions in package "distrSim"

distrSimoptions: functions to change the global variables of the package...

filename-methods: Methods for Function filename in Package 'distrSim'

ind-methods: Methods for Function ind in Package 'distrSim'

name-methods: Methods for Function name in Package 'distrSim'

obsDim-methods: Methods for Function obsDim in Package 'distrSim'

plot-methods: Methods for Function plot in Package 'distrSim'

print-methods: Methods for Function print/show in Package 'distrSim'

rate-methods: Methods for Function rate in Package 'distrSim'

runs-methods: Methods for Function runs in Package 'distrSim'

samplesize-methods: Methods for Function samplesize in Package 'distrSim'

savedata-methods: Methods for Function savedata in Package 'distrSim'

seed-methods: Methods for Function seed in Package 'distrSim'

SeqDataFrame-class: Class "SeqDataFrames"

simulate-methods: Methods for Function simulate in Package 'distrSim'

Simulation-class: Class "Simulation"

subsetting-methods: Subsetting/Indexing methods for SeqDataFrames objects in...

summary-methods: Methods for Function summary in Package 'distrSim'

vectororNULL-class: Classes "vectororNULL", "MatrixorNULLorVector",...

versionmanagement: Methods for Version Management in Package 'distrSim'


ArrayorNULLorVector-class Man page
ArrayorNULLorVectororDataframeorSeqDataFrames-class Man page
cload Man page
Contsimulation Man page
Contsimulation-class Man page
conv2NewVersion,Dataclass-method Man page
conv2NewVersion-methods Man page
Data Man page
Data<- Man page
Data.c Man page
Data.c,Contsimulation-method Man page
Dataclass Man page
Dataclass,array-method Man page
Dataclass,ArrayorNULLorVector-method Man page
Dataclass-class Man page
Dataclass,DataframeorSeqDataFrames-method Man page
Dataclass,matrix-method Man page
Dataclass-method Man page
Data.c-methods Man page
Data<-,Contsimulation-method Man page
Data<-,Dataclass-method Man page
Data,Dataclass-method Man page
DataframeorSeqDataFrames-class Man page
Data.id Man page
Data.id,Contsimulation-method Man page
Data.id-methods Man page
Data<--methods Man page
Data-methods Man page
Data<-,Simulation-method Man page
distribution Man page
distribution<- Man page
distribution.c Man page
distribution.c<- Man page
distribution.c<-,Contsimulation-method Man page
distribution.c,Contsimulation-method Man page
distribution.c<--methods Man page
distribution.c-methods Man page
distribution.id Man page
distribution.id<- Man page
distribution.id<-,Contsimulation-method Man page
distribution.id,Contsimulation-method Man page
distribution.id<--methods Man page
distribution.id-methods Man page
distribution<--methods Man page
distribution-methods Man page
distribution<-,Simulation-method Man page
distribution,Simulation-method Man page
distrSim Man page
distrSimMASK Man page
distrSimoptions Man page
distrSim-package Man page
filename Man page
filename<- Man page
filename<-,Dataclass-method Man page
filename,Dataclass-method Man page
filename<--methods Man page
filename-methods Man page
getdistrSimOption Man page
getVersion Man page
getVersion,Dataclass-method Man page
getVersion-methods Man page
ind Man page
ind,Contsimulation-method Man page
ind-methods Man page
initialize,Contsimulation-method Man page
initialize,Dataclass-method Man page
initialize,Simulation-method Man page
MASKING Man page
MatrixorNULLorVector-class Man page
MaxNumberofPlottedObsDims Man page
MaxNumberofPlottedRuns Man page
MaxNumberofSummarizedObsDims Man page
MaxNumberofSummarizedRuns Man page
[<--methods Man page
[-methods Man page
name Man page
name<- Man page
name<-,Dataclass-method Man page
name,Dataclass-method Man page
name<--methods Man page
name-methods Man page
names<-,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
names,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
obsDim Man page
obsDim,Dataclass-method Man page
obsDim-methods Man page
obsdimnames Man page
obsdimnames-method Man page
obsdimnames<-,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
obsdimnames,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
obsDim,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
plot,Contsimulation,missing-method Man page
plot,Dataclass,missing-method Man page
plot-methods Man page
plot,Simulation,missing-method Man page
print,Contsimulation-method Man page
print,Dataclass-method Man page
print-methods Man page
print,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
print,Simulation-method Man page
rate Man page
rate<- Man page
rate<-,Contsimulation-method Man page
rate,Contsimulation-method Man page
rate<--methods Man page
rate-methods Man page
rbind Man page
rbind,ANY-method Man page
rbind-method Man page
rbind,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
runnames Man page
runnames-method Man page
runnames<-,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
runnames,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
runs Man page
runs<- Man page
runs<-,Contsimulation-method Man page
runs,Dataclass-method Man page
runs<--methods Man page
runs-methods Man page
runs,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
runs<-,Simulation-method Man page
samplesize Man page
samplesize<- Man page
samplesize<-,Contsimulation-method Man page
samplesize,Dataclass-method Man page
samplesize<--methods Man page
samplesize-methods Man page
samplesize,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
samplesize<-,Simulation-method Man page
savedata Man page
savedata,Contsimulation-method Man page
savedata,Dataclass-method Man page
savedata-methods Man page
savedata,Simulation-method Man page
seed Man page
seed<- Man page
seed<-,Contsimulation-method Man page
seed,Contsimulation-method Man page
seed<--methods Man page
seed-methods Man page
seed<-,Simulation-method Man page
seed,Simulation-method Man page
seqDataFrames Man page
SeqDataFrames Man page
SeqDataFrames-class Man page
[<-,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
[,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
show,Contsimulation-method Man page
show,Dataclass-method Man page
show-methods Man page
show,SeqDataFrames-method Man page
show,Simulation-method Man page
simulate Man page
simulate,Contsimulation-method Man page
simulate-methods Man page
simulate,Simulation-method Man page
Simulation Man page
Simulation-class Man page
summary,Contsimulation-method Man page
summary,Dataclass-method Man page
summary-methods Man page
summary,Simulation-method Man page
vectororNULL-class Man page
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