vectororNULL-class: Classes "vectororNULL", "MatrixorNULLorVector",...

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auxiliary classes; may contain either a vector or NULL, [or a matrix, or an array, respectively], cf. J. Chambers, "green book".

Objects from the Classes

these classes are all virtual: No objects may be created from it.


No methods defined with classs "vectororNULL", "MatrixorNULLorVector", and "ArrayorNULLorVectororDataframeorSeqDataFrames" in the signature. However, the generating function Dataclass dispatches according to "DataframeorSeqDataFrames" or "ArrayorNULLorVector".


Dataclass-class can save data either of type "NULL" (means no data) or "vector" or "array" or "data.frame"


Thomas Stabla [email protected],
Florian Camphausen [email protected],
Peter Ruckdeschel [email protected],
Matthias Kohl [email protected]

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