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Simulation Classes Based on Package 'distr'

0distrSim-packagedistrSim - S4-classes for Simulations Based on Package distr
Contsimulation-classClass "Contsimulation"
DataclassGenerating function for "Dataclass"
Dataclass-classClass "Dataclass"
Data.c-methodsMethods for Function Data.c in Package 'distrSim' for Function in Package 'distrSim'
Data-methodsMethods for Function Data in Package 'distrSim'
distribution.c-methodsMethods for Function distribution.c in Package 'distrSim' for Function in Package 'distrSim'
distribution-methodsMethods for Function distribution in Package 'distrSim'
distrSimMASKMasking of/by other functions in package "distrSim"
distrSimoptionsfunctions to change the global variables of the package...
filename-methodsMethods for Function filename in Package 'distrSim'
ind-methodsMethods for Function ind in Package 'distrSim'
name-methodsMethods for Function name in Package 'distrSim'
obsDim-methodsMethods for Function obsDim in Package 'distrSim'
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot in Package 'distrSim'
print-methodsMethods for Function print/show in Package 'distrSim'
rate-methodsMethods for Function rate in Package 'distrSim'
runs-methodsMethods for Function runs in Package 'distrSim'
samplesize-methodsMethods for Function samplesize in Package 'distrSim'
savedata-methodsMethods for Function savedata in Package 'distrSim'
seed-methodsMethods for Function seed in Package 'distrSim'
SeqDataFrame-classClass "SeqDataFrames"
simulate-methodsMethods for Function simulate in Package 'distrSim'
Simulation-classClass "Simulation"
subsetting-methodsSubsetting/Indexing methods for SeqDataFrames objects in...
summary-methodsMethods for Function summary in Package 'distrSim'
vectororNULL-classClasses "vectororNULL", "MatrixorNULLorVector",...
versionmanagementMethods for Version Management in Package 'distrSim'
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