dmm: Dyadic Mixed Model for Pedigree Data

Dyadic mixed model analysis with multi-trait responses and pedigree-based partitioning of individual variation into a range of environmental and genetic variance components for individual and maternal effects.

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AuthorNeville Jackson
Date of publication2016-04-12 08:12:28
MaintainerNeville Jackson <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL (>= 2) | GPL-3

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Man pages

chartodec: Convert a vector from character to decimal numbers

condense.dmmarray: Condense an object of type 'dmmarray' to an object of type...

condense.dmmblockarray: Condense an object of type 'dmmblockarray' to an object of...

dmm: Fit a dyadic mixed model to pedigree data

dmm-internal: Functions internal to dmm

dmm-package: Dyadic mixed model analysis for pedigree data

dt8bal.df: A balanced dataset with eight individuals.

gprint: Generic function for printing genetic parameters contained in...

gprint.dmm: Print method for genetic parameters contained in an object of...

gresponse.dmm: Compute response to selection, given phenotypic selection...

gsummary.dmm: Make summary tables of genetic parameters for a dmm object

harv101.df: Harvey dataset

make.countarray: Count the number of observations in a dataframe or an 'mdf'...

make.ctable: Generates a list of vectors containing sets of variance...

make.dmmobj: Construct an object of class 'dmm' from user-supplied data

mdf: Prepare a dataframe for use with dmm function

merino.df: Australian Merino sheep research dataset

pedcheck: Checks that the Id, SId, and DId columns of a dataframe are...

pedrenum: Renumbers the Id, SId, and DId columns of a dataframe

plot.dmm: Plot residuals from fitting dyadic model

print.dmm: Print method for a 'dmm()' fitted model object.

print.gresponse.dmm: Print method for object of class 'gresponse.dmm'.

print.gsummary.dmm: Print method for object of class 'gsummary.dmm'.

print.summary.dmm: Print method for an object of class 'summary.dmm'.

quercus.df: Quercus example dataset

sheep.df: Demonstration sheep dataset

summary.dmm: Make summary tables of (co)variance component estimates for a...

summary.gresponse.dmm: Summary method for object of class 'gresponse.dmm'.

tstmo1.df: Dfreml example dataset

unfactor: Convert a vector from factor to numeric

warcolak.convert: Convert 'warcolak' data file to format required for a...


am.arel Man page
am.zandrel Man page
chartodec Man page
combpaste Man page
comtopar Man page
condense.dmmarray Man page
condense.dmmblockarray Man page
countnotna Man page
covcit Man page
covlyz Man page
covt Man page
covtopar Man page
crosseffectcovtopar Man page
dmesolve Man page
dmm Man page
dmm.array Man page
dmm.blockarray Man page
dmm.default Man page
dmm-package Man page
dt8bal.df Man page
duplicated.first Man page Man page
expect.v Man page
fixpaste Man page
gls.b.gmat Man page
gls.iter.b Man page
gprint Man page
gprint.dmm Man page
gresponse Man page
gresponse.dmm Man page
gsummary Man page
gsummary.dmm Man page
harv101.df Man page
make.cohort Man page
make.countarray Man page
make.ctable Man page
make.dmmobj Man page
mdf Man page
merino.df Man page
part.add Man page
partocov Man page
pedcheck Man page
pedrenum Man page
permpaste Man page
plot.dmm Man page
print.dmm Man page
print.gresponse.dmm Man page
print.gsummary.dmm Man page
print.summary.dmm Man page
quercus.df Man page
separ Man page
sheep.df Man page
siga.posdef Man page
summary.dmm Man page
summary.gresponse.dmm Man page
tstmo1.df Man page
unfactor Man page
varlz Man page
varz Man page
vt Man page
warcolak.convert Man page


R/dmm.default.R R/covcit.R R/pedrenum.R R/summary.gresponse.dmm.R R/comtopar.R R/condense.dmmblockarray.R R/pedcheck.R R/separ.R R/siga.posdef.R R/covt.R R/gprint.dmm.R R/plot.dmm.R R/dmm.array.R R/dmm.blockarray.R R/print.dmm.R R/am.arel.R R/combpaste.R R/chartodec.R R/permpaste.R R/make.countarray.R R/warcolak.convert.R R/covtopar.R R/dmm-internal.R R/print.gsummary.dmm.R R/am.zandrel.R R/ R/gprint.R R/partocov.R R/gsummary.R R/make.ctable.R R/part.add.R R/duplicated.first.R R/gls.b.gmat.R R/varz.R R/print.summary.dmm.R R/summary.dmm.R R/make.dmmobj.R R/varlz.R R/expect.v.R R/vt.R R/gresponse.dmm.R R/covlyz.R R/unfactor.R R/gsummary.dmm.R R/dmm.R R/dmesolve.R R/fixpaste.R R/gls.iter.b.R R/crosseffectcovtopar.R R/make.cohort.R R/mdf.R R/gresponse.R R/condense.dmmarray.R R/countnotna.R R/print.gresponse.dmm.R
man/sheep.df.Rd man/make.dmmobj.Rd man/pedrenum.Rd man/merino.df.Rd man/quercus.df.Rd man/harv101.df.Rd man/unfactor.Rd man/make.ctable.Rd man/summary.gresponse.dmm.Rd man/print.gresponse.dmm.Rd man/gsummary.dmm.Rd man/gprint.Rd man/summary.dmm.Rd man/print.gsummary.dmm.Rd man/tstmo1.df.Rd man/condense.dmmarray.Rd man/print.summary.dmm.Rd man/dmm-package.Rd man/chartodec.Rd man/mdf.Rd man/gresponse.dmm.Rd man/make.countarray.Rd man/condense.dmmblockarray.Rd man/gprint.dmm.Rd man/warcolak.convert.Rd man/pedcheck.Rd man/print.dmm.Rd man/dmm.Rd man/dmm-internal.Rd man/plot.dmm.Rd man/dt8bal.df.Rd

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