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Dyadic Mixed Model for Pedigree Data

chartodecConvert a vector from character to decimal numbers
condense.dmmarrayCondense an object of type 'dmmarray' to an object of type...
condense.dmmblockarrayCondense an object of type 'dmmblockarray' to an object of...
dmmFit a dyadic mixed model to pedigree data
dmm-internalFunctions internal to dmm
dmm-packageDyadic mixed model analysis for pedigree data
dt8bal.dfA balanced dataset with eight individuals.
gprintGeneric function for printing genetic parameters contained in...
gprint.dmmPrint method for genetic parameters contained in an object of...
gresponse.dmmCompute response to selection, given phenotypic selection...
gsummary.dmmMake summary tables of genetic parameters for a dmm object
harv101.dfHarvey dataset
make.countarrayCount the number of observations in a dataframe or an 'mdf'...
make.ctableGenerates a list of vectors containing sets of variance...
make.dmmobjConstruct an object of class 'dmm' from user-supplied data
mdfPrepare a dataframe for use with dmm function
merino.dfAustralian Merino sheep research dataset
pedcheckChecks that the Id, SId, and DId columns of a dataframe are...
pedrenumRenumbers the Id, SId, and DId columns of a dataframe
plot.dmmPlot residuals from fitting dyadic model
print.dmmPrint method for a 'dmm()' fitted model object.
print.gresponse.dmmPrint method for object of class 'gresponse.dmm'.
print.gsummary.dmmPrint method for object of class 'gsummary.dmm'.
print.summary.dmmPrint method for an object of class 'summary.dmm'.
quercus.dfQuercus example dataset
sheep.dfDemonstration sheep dataset
summary.dmmMake summary tables of (co)variance component estimates for a...
summary.gresponse.dmmSummary method for object of class 'gresponse.dmm'.
tstmo1.dfDfreml example dataset
unfactorConvert a vector from factor to numeric
warcolak.convertConvert 'warcolak' data file to format required for a...
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