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Groupwise Statistics, LSmeans, Linear Contrasts, Utilities

createFunByA template function for creating groupwise functions
DATA-beetsYield and sugar percentage in sugar beets from a split plot...
DATA-breastcancerGene expression signatures for p53 mutation status in 250...
DATA-budwormEffect of Insecticide on survivial of tobacco budworms
DATA-carcassLean meat contents of 344 pig carcasses
DATA-codstomDiet of Atlantic cod in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada)
DATA-dietoxGrowth curves of pigs in a 3x3 factorial experiment
DATA-haldCementHeat development in cement under hardening.
DATA-milkmanMilk yield data for manually milked cows.
DATA-potatoesWeight and size of 20 potatoes
descStatComputing simple descriptive statistics of a numeric vector.
doByVarious utilitie. Functions for creating groupwise...
doBy-internalInternal functions for the doBy package
esticonContrasts for lm, glm, lme, and geeglm objects
firstlastobsLocate the index of the first/last unique value
is_estimableDetermines if contrasts are estimable.
lapplyByFormula based version of lapply
linestCompute linear estimates
lmByList of lm objects with a common model
LSmeansCompute linear estimates, including LS-means (aka population...
null_basisFinds the basis of the (right) null space.
orderByOrdering (sorting) rows of a data frame
parseGroupFormulaExtract components from a formula with "conditioning bar"
recodeVarRecode values of a vector
renameColRename columns in a matrix or a dataframe.
sampleBySampling from a data frame
scaleByGroupwise scaling and centering of numeric columns in a...
splitBySplit a data frame
subSeqFind sub-sequences of identical elements in a vector.
subsetByFinds subsets of a dataframe which is split by variables in a...
summaryByFunction to calculate groupwise summary statistics
timeSinceEventCalculate "time since event" in a vector.
transformByFunction to make groupwise transformations
which.maxnWhere are the n largest or n smallest elements in a numeric...
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