gp.dbh: Ponderosa Pine Stem Diameters and Bark Thickness ('gp.rwl')

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Ponderosa Pine Stem Diameters and Bark Thickness (gp.rwl)


This data set gives the diameter at breast height for each series that matches the series in gp.rwl – a data set of ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) from the Gus Pearson Natural Area (GPNA) in northern Arizona, USA. Data are further described by Biondi and Qeadan (2008) and references therein.




A data.frame containing series IDs in column 1 (series), tree diameter (in cm) at breast height (dbh), and the bark thickness (in cm). This can be used together with the ring widths to calculate the area of each ring.


DendroLab, University of Nevada Reno, USA.


Biondi, F. and Qeadan, F. (2008) A theory-driven approach to tree-ring standardization: Defining the biological trend from expected basal area increment. Tree-Ring Research, 64(2), 81–96.

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