i.detrend: Interactively Detrend Multiple Ring-Width Series

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Interactively Detrend Multiple Ring-Width Series


Interactively detrend multiple tree-ring series by one of two methods, a smoothing spline or a statistical model. This is a wrapper for detrend.series.


i.detrend(rwl, y.name = names(rwl), nyrs = NULL, f = 0.5,
          pos.slope = FALSE)



a data.frame with series as columns and years as rows such as that produced by read.rwl or ca533


a character vector of length ncol(rwl) that gives the ID of each series. Defaults to the column names of rwl.


a number giving the rigidity of the smoothing spline, defaults to 0.67 of series length if nyrs is NULL.


a number between 0 and 1 giving the frequency response or wavelength cutoff. Defaults to 0.5.


a logical flag. Will allow for a positive slope to be used in method "ModNegExp". If FALSE the line will be horizontal.


This function allows a user to choose detrending curves based on plots that are produced by detrend.series for which it is essentially a wrapper. The user enters their choice of detrended method via keyboard at a prompt for each ring width series in rwl. See detrend.series for examples and details on the detrending methods.


A data.frame containing each detrended series according to the method used as columns and rownames set to colnames(y). These are typically years. Plots are also produced as the user chooses the detrending methods through keyboard input.


Andy Bunn

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