Man pages for drugCombo
Drug Interaction Modeling Based on Loewe Additivity Following Harbron's Approach

bootstrapCoefsShow estimated model parameters from all bootstrap iterations
checkerboardDataExample checkerboard design drug combination data
contour.tauSurfaceContour-plot method for "tauSurface" objects
fitModelFit drug interaction index model according to Harbron's...
fitPlot2dPlot 2d surface (slices) of observations and model fit
fitPlot3dPlot 3d surface of observations and model fit
getBootTausRun nonparametric bootstrap on the interaction index model
getTauSurfaceCompute interaction index surface and confidence intervals
invL4Inverse 4-parameter log-logistic (response-dose) function
plot.HarbronFitPlot method for 'HarbronFit' objects
plot.tauSurfacePlot method for "tauSurface" objects
print.tauSurfacePrint method for "tauSurface" objects
rayDataExample ray design drug combination data
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
tauPlot2dPlot estimated interaction index surface slice along one of...
tauPlot3dPlot 3d surface of interaction index estimates
unique.tauSurfaceUnique method for "tauSurface" objects
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