Man pages for dynpred
Companion Package to "Dynamic Prediction in Clinical Survival Analysis"

AUCCalculate AUC(t) curve
AUCwCalculate dynamic AUC(t) curve
cindexCalculate Harrell's c-index
cutLMCreate landmark data set
CVcindexCalculate cross-validated c-index
CVPLCalculate cross-validated log-partial likelihood (with...
debDebugging function
dynpred-packageThe companion package of the book "Dynamic Prediction in...
EBMT-dataData from the European Society for Blood and Marrow...
evalstepEvaluate step function at a set of new time points
FwindowCalculate dynamic "death within window" curve
NKI-breast-cancer-clinical-dataClinical and follow-up data of breast cancer patients as...
Ovarian-cancer-dataData originate from two clinical trials on the use of...
peCalculate prediction error curve
pewCalculate dynamic prediction error curve
scatterplotCreate scatter plot with imputed survival times
toleranceplotCreate a tolerance plot
WBC-follow-up-dataData from the Benelux CML study
WBC-measurements-dataData from the Benelux CML study
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