WBC-measurements-data: Data from the Benelux CML study

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A data frame of 210 patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia from the Benelux CML study (Kluin-Nelemans et al. 1998). Data have been used in two methodological papers, de Bruijne et al. (2001) and van Houwelingen (2007), and in the book van Houwelingen \& Putter (2011), especially Chapter 8. More background is given in Appendix A.2 of van Houwelingen \& Putter (2011). Interest is in the time-dependent covariate White Blood Cell count (WBC). Data set wbc1 contains the follow-up data and time-fixed covariates, while wbc2 contains the WBC measurements. The included variables in wbc2 are


Patient identification number


Time of WBC measurement in years from randomization


Log-transformed and standardized WBC measurement, more precisely, defined as lwbc=log10(wbc)-0.95


A data frame, see data.frame.


Kluin-Nelemans JC, Delannoy A, Louwagie A, le Cessie S, Hermans J, van der Burgh JF, Hagemeijer AM, van den Berghe H \& Benelux CML Study Group (1998). Randomized study on hydroxyurea alone versus hydroxyurea combined with low-dose interferon-alpha 2b for chronic myeloid leukemia. Blood 91, 2713–2721.

de Bruijne MHJ, le Cessie S, Kluin-Nelemans HC \& van Houwelingen HC (2001). On the use of Cox regression in the presence of an irregularly observed time-dependent covariate. Statistics in Medicine 20, 3817–3829.

van Houwelingen HC (2007). Dynamic prediction by landmarking in event history analysis. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 34, 70–85.

van Houwelingen HC, Putter H (2012). Dynamic Predicting in Clinical Survival Analysis. Chapman \& Hall.

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