summary.dynrCook: Get the summary of a dynrCook object

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Get the summary of a dynrCook object


Get the summary of a dynrCook object


## S3 method for class 'dynrCook'
summary(object, ...)



The dynrCook object for which the summary is desired.


Further named arguments, passed to the print method (e.g., digits and signif.stars).


The summary gives information on the free parameters estimated: names, parameter values, numerical Hessian-based standard errors, t-values (values divided by standard errors), and standard-error based confidence intervals. Additionally, the likelihood, AIC, and BIC are provided.

Note that an exclamation point (!) in the final column of the summary table indicates that the standard error and confidence interval for this parameter may not be trustworthy. The corresponding element of the (transformed, inverse) Hessian was negative and an absolute value was taken to make it positive.


Object of class summary.dynrCook. Primarily used for showing the results of a fitted model.

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