Man pages for dynr
Dynamic Modeling in R

coef.dynrCookExtract fitted parameters from a dynrCook Object
confint.dynrCookConfidence Intervals for Model Parameters
diag-character-methodCreate a diagonal matrix from a character vector
dynr.cookCook a dynr model to estimate its free parameters
dynrCook-classThe dynrCook Class
dynr.dataCreate a list of data for parameter estimation (cooking dynr)...
dynrDynamics-classThe dynrDynamics Class
dynr.ggplotThe ggplot of the smoothed state estimates and the most...
dynrInitial-classThe dynrInitial Class
dynr.ldlLDL Decomposition for Matrices
dynrMeasurement-classThe dynrMeasurement Class
dynr.miMultiple Imputation of dynrModel objects
dynr.modelCreate a dynrModel object for parameter estimation (cooking...
dynrModel-classThe dynrModel Class
dynrNoise-classThe dynrNoise Class
dynr-packageDynamic Modeling in R
dynr.plotFreqPlot of the estimated frequencies of the regimes across all...
dynrRecipe-classThe dynrRecipe Class
dynrRegimes-classThe dynrRegimes Class
dynrTrans-classThe dynrTrans Class
dynr.versionCurrent Version String
EMGSingle-subject time series of facial electromyography data
EMGsimSimulated single-subject time series to capture features of...
internalModelPrepDo internal model preparation for dynr
LogisticSetPointSDESimulated time series data for a stochastic linear damped...
logLik.dynrCookExtract the log likelihood from a dynrCook Object
names-dynrCook-methodExtract the free parameter names of a dynrCook object
names-dynrModel-methodExtract the free parameter names of a dynrModel object
nobs.dynrCookExtract the number of observations for a dynrCook object
nobs.dynrModelExtract the number of observations for a dynrModel object
NonlinearDFAsimSimulated multi-subject time series based on a dynamic factor...
OscillatorSimulated time series data of a damped linear oscillator
PFAsimSimulated time series data of a multisubject process factor...
plot.dynrCookPlot method for dynrCook objects
plotFormulaPlot the formula from a model
PPsimSimulated time series data for multiple eco-systems based on...
prep.formulaDynamicsRecipe function for specifying dynamic functions using...
prep.initialRecipe function for preparing the initial conditions for the...
prep.loadingsRecipe function to quickly create factor loadings
prep.matrixDynamicsRecipe function for creating Linear Dynamcis using matrices
prep.measurementPrepare the measurement recipe
prep.noiseRecipe function for specifying the measurement error and...
prep.regimesRecipe function for creating regime switching (Markov...
prep.tfunCreate a dynrTrans object to handle the transformations and...
printexThe printex Method
RSPPsimSimulated time series data for multiple eco-systems based on...
summary.dynrCookGet the summary of a dynrCook object
vcov.dynrCookExtract the Variance-Covariance Matrix of a dynrCook object
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