Man pages for dynsurv
Dynamic Models for Survival Data

bayesCoxFit Bayesian Cox Model for Interval Censored Survival Data
bayesCoxMcmcGet the MCMC Samples from 'bayesCox'
bcosBreast Cancer Data
coef.bayesCoxExtract Coefficients from Bayesian Cox Model
coef.splineCoxExtract Coefficients from Spline Base Cox Model
coef.tvTranExtract Coefficients from Time-varying Transformation Model
dynsurvdynsurv: Time-varying coefficient models for interval...
is.bayesCoxIs 'bayesCox' Class Object
jumpGeneric function for jump information
nuGeneric function for the latent variance of coefficients
other-exportsExported Functions from Other Packages
plotCoefPlot Coefficient Function
plotJumpPlot Jump Information in Bayesian Dynamic Model
plotNuPlot Latent Variance in Bayesian Cox Model
plotSurvPlot Survival Curves (or Cumulative Hazard Function) and...
splineCoxFit Spline Based Cox Model for Right Censored Survival Data
survCurveEstimated Survival Function or Cumulative Hazard Function
survDiffEstimated Difference Between Survival or Cumulative Hazard...
toothTooth Data
tvTranFit Time-varying Transformation Model for Right Censored...
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