Man pages for eFRED
Fetch Data from the Federal Reserve Economic Database

countriesCountry Codes
country2Country Codes
country3Country Codes
fredFetch Data Series from FRED
fred_categoryFetch Information on a Category in FRED
fred_groupFetch and Create a Panel of Data
fred_releasesFetch Information on a Release in FRED
fred_searchSearch for Series on FRED
fred_seriesFetch Data or Information on a SERIES in FRED
fred_sourcesFetch Information on a Data Source in FRED
fred_tagsFetch Information on a Tag in FRED
fred_updatesFetch Series with Recent Updates
parse_searchConvert Search Terms to a API Friendly Format
releasesEconomic Releases
set_fred_keySet a FRED API Key
sourcesSources of Economic Data
statesU.S. State Abbreviations
states_extendedExtended State Abbreviations
tagsPopular Tags
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