Man pages for eNetXplorer
Quantitative Exploration of Elastic Net Families for Generalized Linear Models

breastCancerSurvgene signature for breast cancer survival
eNetXplorergenerates family of elastic net models for different alphas
eNetXplorer-internalInternal eNetXplorer functions
eNetXplorer-packageexplores elastic net families for generalized linear models
exportgenerates plain text files from eNetXplorer object
H1N1_Flowlongitudinal cell population frequencies and titer response...
Leukemia_miRmicroRNA expression of acute leukemia phenotypes
Leuk_miR_filtmicroRNA expression of acute leukemia phenotypes (filtered...
Leuk_miR_fullmicroRNA expression of acute leukemia phenotypes (full...
mergeObjmerges eNetXplorer objects with different alphas
plotContingencygenerates plot of response vs out-of-bag predictions across...
plot.eNetXplorergenerates plots from eNetXplorer object
plotFeatureCaterpillargenerates caterpillar plot of feature statistics
plotFeatureHeatmapgenerates heatmap plot of feature statistics
plotKaplanMeiergenerates Kaplan-Meier plot of survival probability as a...
plotLambdaVsQFgenerates plot of quality function across 'lambda'
plotMeasuredVsOOBgenerates plot of response vs out-of-bag predictions across...
plotSummarygenerates summary plots of model performance across alpha
plotSurvROCgenerates time-dependent ROC plots from Cox predicted risks
QuickStartExsynthetic dataset
summary.eNetXplorergenerates list of model statistics
summaryPDFgenerates PDF report with summary of main results
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