breastCancerSurv: gene signature for breast cancer survival

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Gene signature proposed by Desmedt et al associated with breast cancer survival. Microarray data from van't Veer et al and van de Vijver et al. Dataset adapted from Schroeder et al.




A numerical matrix of predictors is provided with subjects as rows and genes as columns. The response is a two-column matrix with survival time (in days) and status (0=censored, 1=dead).


Desmedt et al proposed a gene signature associated with breast cancer clinical outcome that captures different biological processes: AURKA (proliferation), PLAU (tumor invasion/metastasis), STAT1 (immune response), VEGFA (angiogenesis), CASP3 (apoptosis), ESR1 (ER signaling) and ERBB2 (HER2 signaling). Microarray data was obtained from van't Veer et al and van de Vijver et al. The dataset was adapted from Schroeder et al. Missing predictor data was imputed using the missForest package. Subjects with missing survival data were removed.


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