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eSDM: A tool for creating and exploring ensembles of predictions from Species Distribution Models


eSDM provides functionality for overlaying SDM predictions onto a single base geometry and creating and evaluating ensemble predictions. This can be done manually in R, or using the eSDM GUI (an R Shiny app) opened through eSDM_GUI

eSDM allows users to overlay SDM predictions onto a single base geometry, create ensembles of these predictions via weighted or unweighted averages, calculate performance metrics for each set of predictions and for resulting ensembles, and visually compare ensemble predictions with original predictions. The information provided by this tool can assist users in understanding spatial uncertainties and making informed conservation decisions.

The GUI ensures that the tool is accessible to non-R users, while also providing a user-friendly environment for functionality such as loading other polygons to use and visualizing predictions. However, user choices are restricted to the workflow provided by the GUI.


Sam Woodman

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