overlay_sdm: Overlay SDM predictions onto base geometry

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Overlay SDM predictions onto base geometry


Overlay specified SDM predictions that meet the percent overlap threshold requirement onto base geometry


overlay_sdm(base.geom, sdm, sdm.idx, overlap.perc)



object of class sfc; base geometry


object of class sf; original SDM predictions


names or indices of column(s) with data to be overlaid


numeric; percent overlap threshold, i.e. percentage of each base geometry polygon must overlap with SDM prediction polygons for overlaid density value to be calculated and not set as NA


See the eSDM GUI manual for specifics about the overlay process. This process is equivalent to areal interpolation (Goodchild and Lam 1980), where base.geom is the target, sdm is the source, and the data specified by sdm.idx are spatially intensive.

Note that overlay_sdm removes rows in sdm that have NA values in the first column specified in sdm.idx (i.e. sdm.idx[1]), before the overlay. Thus, for valid overlay results, all columns of sdm specified in sdm.idx must either have NA values in the same rows or contain only NAs.


Object of class sf with the geometry of base.geom and the data in the sdm.idx columns of sdm overlaid onto that geometry. Note that this means all columns of sdm not in sdm.idx will not be in the returned object. Because the data are considered spatially intensive, the agr attribute will be set as 'constant' for all columns in the returned object


Goodchild, M.F. & Lam, N.S.-N. (1980) Areal interpolation: a variant of the traditional spatial problem. Geo-Processing, 1, 297-312.


pol1.geom <- sf::st_sfc(
  sf::st_polygon(list(rbind(c(1,1), c(3,1), c(3,3), c(1,3), c(1,1)))),
  crs = 4326
pol2.geom <- sf::st_sfc(
  sf::st_polygon(list(rbind(c(0,0), c(2,0), c(2,2), c(0,2), c(0,0)))),
  crs = 4326
pol2.sf <- sf::st_sf(data.frame(Dens = 0.5), geometry = pol2.geom, crs = 4326)

overlay_sdm(pol1.geom, pol2.sf, 1, 25)

# Output 'Dens' value is NA because of higher overlap.perc value
overlay_sdm(pol1.geom, pol2.sf, 1, 50)

# These examples take longer to run
overlay_sdm(sf::st_geometry(preds.1), preds.2, 1, 50)
overlay_sdm(sf::st_geometry(preds.2), preds.1, "Density", 50)

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