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Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines ignore
earthMultivariate Adaptive Regression Splines
earth.objectAn earth object
etitanicTitanic data with incomplete cases removed
evimpEstimate variable importances in an earth object
expand.bpairsExpand binomial-pair data from short to long form
format.earthFormat earth objects a mars object from the mda package to an earth object
model.matrix.earthGet the earth basis matrix
ozone1Ozone readings in Los Angeles with incomplete cases removed
plotdPlot the distribution of predictions for each class
plot.earthPlot an earth object earth models by plotting them.
plot.evimpPlot an evimp object (created by the evimp function)
plot.varmodPlot a varmod object (created by calling earth with the...
predict.earthPredict with an earth model
predict.varmodPredict with a varmod model
residuals.earthResiduals for an earth model
summary.earthSummary method for earth objects
update.earthUpdate an earth model
varmodVariance models for estimating prediction intervals
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