etitanic: Titanic data with incomplete cases removed

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Titanic data with incomplete cases removed


Titanic data with incomplete cases, passenger names, and other details removed.


A data frame with 1046 observations on 6 variables.

pclass passenger class, unordered factor: 1st 2nd 3rd
survived integer: 0 or 1
sex unordered factor: male female
age age in years, min 0.167 max 80.0
sibsp number of siblings or spouses aboard, integer: 0...8
parch number of parents or children aboard, integer: 0...6


This dataset is included in the earth package because it is a convenient vehicle for illustrating earth's GLM and factor handling.

The dataset was compiled by Frank Harrell and Robert Dawson:
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For this version of the Titanic data, passenger details and incomplete cases were deleted and the name changed to etitanic to minimize confusion with other versions ("e" because it is part of the earth package).

Note that survived is an integer (it should arguably be a logical).

In this data the crew are conspicuous by their absence.

Contents of etitanic:

         pclass survived    sex    age sibsp parch
    1       1st        1 female 29.000     0     0
    2       1st        1   male  0.917     1     2
    3       1st        0 female  2.000     1     2
    4       1st        0   male 30.000     1     2
    5       1st        0 female 25.000     1     2
    1309    3rd        0   male 29.000     0     0

How etitanic was built:

    load("titanic3") # from Harrell's web site
    # discard name, ticket, fare, cabin, embarked, body, home.dest
    etitanic <- titanic3[,c(1,2,4,5,6,7)]
    etitanic <- etitanic[!$age),]
    save(etitanic, file="etitanic.rda")


Further details and analyses of the Titanic data may be found in:

F. Harrell (2001) Regression Modeling Strategies with Applications to Linear Models, Logistic Regression, and Survival Analysis

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