Residuals for an earth model

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Residuals for an earth model


Residuals of an earth model.


## S3 method for class 'earth'
residuals(object = stop("no 'object' argument"),
          type = NULL, warn = TRUE, ...)



An earth object. This is the only required argument.


One of:

"earth" (default) Residuals from the lm fit on bx.
"response" Residuals as above, but for earth-glm models return the glm response residuals.
"standardize" Residuals divided by se * sqrt(1 - h_ii). See the standardize argument of
"delever" Residuals divided by sqrt(1 - h_ii). See the delever argument of

The following options are for earth-glm models. They return the GLM residuals (from the glm fit on bx). See residuals.glm for details:


The following options for earth-glm models are redundant. They are provided for compatibility with older versions of earth or other functions:

"glm.response" same as "response"
"glm.deviance" same as "deviance"
"glm.pearson" same as "pearson"
"glm.working" same as "working"
"glm.partial" same as "partial"


This function gives warnings when the results are not what you may expect. Use warn=FALSE to turn of just these warnings.


Unused, but provided for generic/method consistency.


The residual values (will be a matrix for multiple response models).

See Also

resid identical to residuals


earth.mod <- earth(pclass ~ ., data=etitanic, glm=list(family=binomial))
head(resid(earth.mod, warn=FALSE))      # earth residuals, a column for each response
head(resid(earth.mod, type="response")) # GLM response resids, a column for each response

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