Man pages for easyPSID
Reading, Formatting, and Organizing the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID)

convert_from_rdsExport PSID files to another statistical language
convert_to_rdsConvert all PSID files from .txt format to .rds format
create_custom_panelCreate custom longitudinal (panel) dataset with PSID Family...
create_extractCreate subset of common family file variables in long format
easyPSID-packageeasyPSID: Reading, Formatting, and Organizing the Panel Study...
find_descriptionFind description of PSID variable
find_nameLookup new longitudinal variables names
find_yearsFind years of PSID variable
rename_fam_varsRename longitudinal Family File variables
rename_ind_varsRenames longitudinal Cross-year Individual variables and...
unzip_all_filesUnzip all PSID files
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