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Event History Analysis

aftregAccelerated Failure Time Regression
aftreg.fitParametric proportional hazards regression
age.windowAge cut of survival data
cal.windowCalendar time cut of survival data
check.distGraphical goodness-of-fit test
check.survCheck the integrity of survival data.
coxregCox regression
coxreg.fitCox regression
croCreates a minimal representation of a data frame.
eha-defunctDefunct functions
eha-packageeha: Event History Analysis
EVThe EV Distribution
fertMarital fertility nineteenth century
frail.fitFrailty experiment
geome.fitConstant intensity discrete time proportional hazards
GompertzThe Gompertz Distribution
infantsInfant mortality and maternal death, Sweeden 1821-1894.
join.spellsStraighten up a survival data frame
LoglogisticThe Loglogistic Distribution
LognormalThe Lognormal Distribution
logryeRye prices, Scania, southern Sweden, 1801-1894.
ltxLaTeX printing of coxreg results.
make.communalPut communals in "fixed" data frame
makehamThe Gompertz-Makeham Distribution
male.mortalityMale mortality in ages 40-60, nineteenth century
mlregML proportional hazards regression
mortMale mortality in ages 40-60, nineteenth century
oeCreate an oe object
oldmortOld age mortality, Sundsvall, Sweden, 1860-1880.
PchThe Piecewise Constant Hazards distribution.
perstatPeriod statistics
phfuncLoglihood function of a proportional hazards regression
phregParametric Proportional Hazards Regression
phreg.fitParametric proportional hazards regression
piecewisePiecewise hazards
plot.aftregPlots output from an AFT regression
plot.coxregPlot method for 'coxreg' objects
plot.hazdataPlots of survivor functions.
plot.phregPlots output from a phreg regression
plot.tpchregPlots output from a tpchreg regression
plot.weibregPlots output from a Weibull regression
print.aftregPrints aftreg objects
print.coxregPrints coxreg objects
print.phregPrints phreg objects
print.risksetsPrints a summary of the content of a set of risk sets.
print.tpchregPrints tpchreg objects
print.weibregPrints weibreg objects
risksetsFinds the compositions and sizes of risk sets
scaniaOld age mortality, Scania, southern Sweden, 1813-1894.
summary.aftregPrints aftreg objects
summary.coxregPrints coxreg objects
summary.phregPrints phreg objects
summary.weibregPrints a weibreg object
SurvSplitSplit a survival object at specified durations.
swe07Swedish population and deaths in ages 61-80, 2007.
table.eventsCalculating failure times, risk set sizes and No. of events...
toBinaryTransforms a "survival" data frame into a data frame suitable...
toDateConvert time in years since "0000-01-01" to a date.
toTimeCalculate duration in years from "0000-01-01" to a given date
toTpchTransform a "survival" data frame Surv(enter, exit, event) to...
tpchregProportional hazards regression with piecewise constant...
weibregWeibull Regression
weibreg.fitWeibull regression
WeibullThe (Cumulative) Hazard Function of a Weibull Distribution
wfunkLoglihood function of a Weibull regression
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