context("key storage")

test_that("key storage and retrieval works as expected", {
  msg <- c(
    "Key stored successfully in package environment.",
    "Key stored successfully in options()."
  wrn <- paste("EIA API key not found in package environment,",
          "global options, or system enivronment variables.")

  expect_warning(x <- eia_get_key("env"), wrn)
  expect_is(x, "NULL")
  expect_message(x <- eia_set_key("fake"), msg[1])
  expect_is(x, "NULL")
  expect_equal(eia_get_key(), "fake")
  expect_warning(eia_get_key("options"), wrn)
  .session_eia_env$key <- NULL
  expect_message(eia_set_key("fake2", "options"), msg[2])
  expect_equal(eia_get_key("options"), "fake2")
  options(EIA_KEY = NULL)

test_that("cache clearing functions execute", {
  expect_is(eia_clear_cache(), "NULL")
  expect_is(eia_clear_cats(), "NULL")
  expect_is(eia_clear_series(), "NULL")
  expect_is(eia_clear_geoset(), "NULL")

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