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Support Functions and Data for "Ecological Models and Data"

apply2dApply a function to a combination of vectors
as.mcmc.bugsConvert WinBUGS output to CODA format
calcsliceNegative log-likelihood slice
contour3dSuperimpose contour lines on a 3D plot
credintCalculate Bayesian credible intervals
curve3dPlot a 3D surface representing a 2D curve
DamselReef fish (damselfish) data
dbetabinomBeta-binomial distribution
dchibarsqMixed chi-squared distributions
deltamethodDelta method functions
deprecatedDeprecated (obsolete) functions
dmvnormMultivariate normal distribution density function
dzinbinomZero-inflated negative binomial distribution
emdbook.packageSupport Functions and Data for "Ecological Models and Data"
FirData on fir (Abies) life history
get.emdbook.packagesinstall and update auxiliary packages
GobySurvivalGoby (reef fish) survivorship data
gridsearch2dGraphical grid search in 2D
HPDregionplotPlot highest posterior density region
lambertWLambert W function
LilyGlacier lily occurrence and fecundity data
lseqLog-spaced sequence
lump.mcmc.listUtility functions for mcmc objects
metropSBMetropolis-Szymura-Barton algorithm
MyxoMyxomatosis titer data
perturb.paramsCreate a list of perturbed parameters
ReedfrogData on reed frog predation experiments
scinotScientific notation as LaTeX/expression()
SeedPredSeed predation data set from Duncan and Duncan 2000
trcoefTransform coefficients
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