Man pages for emmeans
Estimated Marginal Means, aka Least-Squares Means

as.emmGridConvert to and from 'emmGrid' objects
auto.noiseAuto Pollution Filter Noise
CLD.emmGridCompact letter displays
contrastContrasts and linear functions of EMMs
eff_sizeCalculate effect sizes and confidence bounds thereof
emmc-functionsContrast families
emmeansEstimated marginal means (Least-squares means)
emmeans-packageEstimated marginal means (aka Least-squares means)
emm_exampleRun or list additional examples
emmGrid-classThe 'emmGrid' class
emmGrid-methodsMiscellaneous methods for 'emmGrid' objects
emmipInteraction-style plots for estimated marginal means
emm_list-objectThe 'emm_list' class
emmobjConstruct an 'emmGrid' object from scratch
emm_optionsSet or change emmeans options
emtrendsEstimated marginal means of linear trends
extending-emmeansSupport functions for model extensions
feedlotFeedlot data
fiberFiber data
glht-supportSupport for 'multcomp::glht'
hpd.summarySummarize an emmGrid from a Bayesian model
joint_testsCompute joint tests of the terms in a model
make.tranResponse-transformation extensions
manip-factorsManipulate factors in a reference grid
mcmc-supportSupport for MCMC-based estimation
MOatsOats data in multivariate form
modelsModels supported in 'emmeans'
mvcontrastMultivariate contrasts
neuralgiaNeuralgia data
nutritionNutrition data
orangesSales of oranges
pigsEffects of dietary protein on free plasma leucine...
plotPlot an 'emmGrid' or 'summary_emm' object
pwpmPairwise P-value matrix (plus other statistics)
pwppPairwise P-value plot
qdrgQuick and dirty reference grid
rbind.emmGridCombine or subset 'emmGrid' objects
ref_gridCreate a reference grid from a fitted model
regridReconstruct a reference grid with a new transformation or...
summary.emmGridSummaries, predictions, intervals, and tests for 'emmGrid'...
ubdsUnbalanced dataset
update.emmGridUpdate an 'emmGrid' object
wrappersWrappers for alternative naming of EMMs
xtable.emmGridUsing 'xtable' for EMMs
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