enaR: Tools for Ecological Network Analysis

Provides algorithms for the analysis of ecological networks.

AuthorM.K. Lau, S.R. Borrett, D.E. Hines, P. Singh
Date of publication2015-08-07 09:01:12
MaintainerMatthew K. Lau <enaR.maintainer@gmail.com>

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Man pages

as.bipartite: Create a bipartite network.

as.extended: Create an Extended Format Matrix

bal: Subfunction for Balancing by Either Inputs or Outputs

balance: Balance Flow Network Models

bcratio: Calculates the Ratio of Positive to Negative Elements in a...

bgcModels: Bigeochemical Cycling Models

cycliv: Analysis of Feeding Cycles in a Network

eigenCentrality: Calculates the Eigen Centrality of a Network

enaAll: Conduct All Major ENA

enaAscendency: Calculates the Ascendency of an Ecological Network

enaControl: Control Analyses of Ecological Networks

enaCycle: Full Cycle Analysis of Ecological Networks

enaEnviron: Ecological Network Environs

enaFlow: Flow Analyses of Ecological Networks

enaModelInfo: Ecosystem Model Information

enaModels: Ecosystem Models

enaMTI: Mixed Trophic Impacts (MTI) Analysis

enaR-package: Tools for Ecological Network Analysis (ena)

enaStorage: Storage Analyses of Ecological Networks

enaStructure: Structure Analyses of Ecological Network

enaTroAgg: Trophic Aggregations (TroAgg) Analysis

enaUtility: Utility Analysis of Ecological Networks

environCentrality: Environ Centrality an Ecological Network

findPathLength: Cumulative Flow over a Range of Path Lengths

force.balance: Repeated Application the Balance Function

get.ns: Quick Calculation of a Range of Network Statistics.

get.orient: Get the Current Global Matrix Orientation Setting

mExp: Calculates the Exponent of a Matrix

m.list: Sub-set of the Larger Ecosystem Models

netOrder: Reorder Nodes in a Network in enaR

oyster: Intertidal Oyster Reef Ecosystem Model

pack: Compile Network Information into a Network Class

read.enam: Read ENA Model from an Mdloti Formatted Excel File

read.nea: Read NEA Formatted Network Model

read.scor: Read SCOR Formatted Model

read.wand: Read WAND Formatted Model

scc: Find the Strongly Connected Component (SCC) in a Graph

scifix: Standardizes Scientific Notation from SCOR Formatted Files

set.orient: Globally Set the Output Matrix Orientation

ssCheck: Checks the Balance of Inputs and Outputs from a Network

structure.statistics: Structural Statistics of an Ecological Network

TES: Calculate the Total Environ Storage

TET: Calculates the Total Environ Throughflow for a Ecosystem...

troModels: Trophic Models

unpack: "Unpacks" the Network Object into Separate Objects

write.EcoNet: Write enaR models to an EcoNet formatted file.

write.nea: Write a Network Object to File Using the NEA Data Format

Files in this package

enaR/R/balance.R enaR/R/unpack.R enaR/R/read.wand.R enaR/R/environCentrality.R enaR/R/bal.R enaR/R/read.scor.R enaR/R/as.extended.R enaR/R/findPathLength.R enaR/R/pack.R enaR/R/scc.R enaR/R/scifix.R enaR/R/structure.statistics.R enaR/R/enaFlow.R enaR/R/TET.R enaR/R/write.EcoNet.R enaR/R/ssCheck.R enaR/R/enaAscendency.R enaR/R/read.nea.R enaR/R/eigenCentrality.R enaR/R/as.bipartite.R enaR/R/bcratio.R enaR/R/enaStructure.R enaR/R/enaUtility.R enaR/R/cycliv.R enaR/R/get.ns.R enaR/R/netOrder.R enaR/R/read.enam.R enaR/R/enaControl.R enaR/R/enaMTI.R enaR/R/set.orient.R enaR/R/enaEnviron.R enaR/R/enaStorage.R enaR/R/get.orient.R enaR/R/enaAll.R enaR/R/mExp.R enaR/R/enaCycle.R enaR/R/enaTroAgg.R enaR/R/write.nea.R enaR/R/TES.R enaR/R/force.balance.R
enaR/man/force.balance.Rd enaR/man/TES.Rd enaR/man/structure.statistics.Rd enaR/man/oyster.Rd enaR/man/read.enam.Rd enaR/man/cycliv.Rd enaR/man/pack.Rd enaR/man/eigenCentrality.Rd enaR/man/enaFlow.Rd enaR/man/bgcModels.Rd enaR/man/set.orient.Rd enaR/man/findPathLength.Rd enaR/man/enaControl.Rd enaR/man/enaModels.Rd enaR/man/enaStructure.Rd enaR/man/scc.Rd enaR/man/read.scor.Rd enaR/man/enaUtility.Rd enaR/man/read.wand.Rd enaR/man/write.nea.Rd enaR/man/enaCycle.Rd enaR/man/bcratio.Rd enaR/man/read.nea.Rd enaR/man/netOrder.Rd enaR/man/enaEnviron.Rd enaR/man/enaStorage.Rd enaR/man/TET.Rd enaR/man/get.orient.Rd enaR/man/enaTroAgg.Rd enaR/man/enaAll.Rd enaR/man/ssCheck.Rd enaR/man/as.extended.Rd enaR/man/write.EcoNet.Rd enaR/man/m.list.Rd enaR/man/troModels.Rd enaR/man/mExp.Rd enaR/man/environCentrality.Rd enaR/man/scifix.Rd enaR/man/as.bipartite.Rd enaR/man/enaAscendency.Rd enaR/man/balance.Rd enaR/man/enaMTI.Rd enaR/man/enaR-package.Rd enaR/man/bal.Rd enaR/man/unpack.Rd enaR/man/enaModelInfo.Rd enaR/man/get.ns.Rd

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