enaR: Tools for Ecological Network Analysis

Provides algorithms for the analysis of ecological networks.

AuthorM.K. Lau, S.R. Borrett, D.E. Hines, P. Singh
Date of publication2015-08-07 09:01:12
MaintainerMatthew K. Lau <enaR.maintainer@gmail.com>

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Man pages

as.bipartite: Create a bipartite network.

as.extended: Create an Extended Format Matrix

bal: Subfunction for Balancing by Either Inputs or Outputs

balance: Balance Flow Network Models

bcratio: Calculates the Ratio of Positive to Negative Elements in a...

bgcModels: Bigeochemical Cycling Models

cycliv: Analysis of Feeding Cycles in a Network

eigenCentrality: Calculates the Eigen Centrality of a Network

enaAll: Conduct All Major ENA

enaAscendency: Calculates the Ascendency of an Ecological Network

enaControl: Control Analyses of Ecological Networks

enaCycle: Full Cycle Analysis of Ecological Networks

enaEnviron: Ecological Network Environs

enaFlow: Flow Analyses of Ecological Networks

enaModelInfo: Ecosystem Model Information

enaModels: Ecosystem Models

enaMTI: Mixed Trophic Impacts (MTI) Analysis

enaR-package: Tools for Ecological Network Analysis (ena)

enaStorage: Storage Analyses of Ecological Networks

enaStructure: Structure Analyses of Ecological Network

enaTroAgg: Trophic Aggregations (TroAgg) Analysis

enaUtility: Utility Analysis of Ecological Networks

environCentrality: Environ Centrality an Ecological Network

findPathLength: Cumulative Flow over a Range of Path Lengths

force.balance: Repeated Application the Balance Function

get.ns: Quick Calculation of a Range of Network Statistics.

get.orient: Get the Current Global Matrix Orientation Setting

mExp: Calculates the Exponent of a Matrix

m.list: Sub-set of the Larger Ecosystem Models

netOrder: Reorder Nodes in a Network in enaR

oyster: Intertidal Oyster Reef Ecosystem Model

pack: Compile Network Information into a Network Class

read.enam: Read ENA Model from an Mdloti Formatted Excel File

read.nea: Read NEA Formatted Network Model

read.scor: Read SCOR Formatted Model

read.wand: Read WAND Formatted Model

scc: Find the Strongly Connected Component (SCC) in a Graph

scifix: Standardizes Scientific Notation from SCOR Formatted Files

set.orient: Globally Set the Output Matrix Orientation

ssCheck: Checks the Balance of Inputs and Outputs from a Network

structure.statistics: Structural Statistics of an Ecological Network

TES: Calculate the Total Environ Storage

TET: Calculates the Total Environ Throughflow for a Ecosystem...

troModels: Trophic Models

unpack: "Unpacks" the Network Object into Separate Objects

write.EcoNet: Write enaR models to an EcoNet formatted file.

write.nea: Write a Network Object to File Using the NEA Data Format


as.bipartite Man page
as.extended Man page
bal Man page
balance Man page
bcratio Man page
bgcModels Man page
cycliv Man page
eigenCentrality Man page
enaAll Man page
enaAscendency Man page
enaControl Man page
enaCycle Man page
enaEnviron Man page
enaFlow Man page
enaModelInfo Man page
enaModels Man page
enaMTI Man page
enaR Man page
enaR-package Man page
enaStorage Man page
enaStructure Man page
enaTroAgg Man page
enaUtility Man page
environCentrality Man page
findPathLength Man page
force.balance Man page
get.ns Man page
get.orient Man page
mExp Man page
m.list Man page
netOrder Man page
oyster Man page
pack Man page
read.enam Man page
read.nea Man page
read.scor Man page
read.wand Man page
scc Man page
scifix Man page
set.orient Man page
ssCheck Man page
structure.statistics Man page
TES Man page
TET Man page
troModels Man page
unpack Man page
write.EcoNet Man page
write.nea Man page


enaR/R/balance.R enaR/R/unpack.R enaR/R/read.wand.R enaR/R/environCentrality.R enaR/R/bal.R enaR/R/read.scor.R enaR/R/as.extended.R enaR/R/findPathLength.R enaR/R/pack.R enaR/R/scc.R enaR/R/scifix.R enaR/R/structure.statistics.R enaR/R/enaFlow.R enaR/R/TET.R enaR/R/write.EcoNet.R enaR/R/ssCheck.R enaR/R/enaAscendency.R enaR/R/read.nea.R enaR/R/eigenCentrality.R enaR/R/as.bipartite.R enaR/R/bcratio.R enaR/R/enaStructure.R enaR/R/enaUtility.R enaR/R/cycliv.R enaR/R/get.ns.R enaR/R/netOrder.R enaR/R/read.enam.R enaR/R/enaControl.R enaR/R/enaMTI.R enaR/R/set.orient.R enaR/R/enaEnviron.R enaR/R/enaStorage.R enaR/R/get.orient.R enaR/R/enaAll.R enaR/R/mExp.R enaR/R/enaCycle.R enaR/R/enaTroAgg.R enaR/R/write.nea.R enaR/R/TES.R enaR/R/force.balance.R
enaR/man/force.balance.Rd enaR/man/TES.Rd enaR/man/structure.statistics.Rd enaR/man/oyster.Rd enaR/man/read.enam.Rd enaR/man/cycliv.Rd enaR/man/pack.Rd enaR/man/eigenCentrality.Rd enaR/man/enaFlow.Rd enaR/man/bgcModels.Rd enaR/man/set.orient.Rd enaR/man/findPathLength.Rd enaR/man/enaControl.Rd enaR/man/enaModels.Rd enaR/man/enaStructure.Rd enaR/man/scc.Rd enaR/man/read.scor.Rd enaR/man/enaUtility.Rd enaR/man/read.wand.Rd enaR/man/write.nea.Rd enaR/man/enaCycle.Rd enaR/man/bcratio.Rd enaR/man/read.nea.Rd enaR/man/netOrder.Rd enaR/man/enaEnviron.Rd enaR/man/enaStorage.Rd enaR/man/TET.Rd enaR/man/get.orient.Rd enaR/man/enaTroAgg.Rd enaR/man/enaAll.Rd enaR/man/ssCheck.Rd enaR/man/as.extended.Rd enaR/man/write.EcoNet.Rd enaR/man/m.list.Rd enaR/man/troModels.Rd enaR/man/mExp.Rd enaR/man/environCentrality.Rd enaR/man/scifix.Rd enaR/man/as.bipartite.Rd enaR/man/enaAscendency.Rd enaR/man/balance.Rd enaR/man/enaMTI.Rd enaR/man/enaR-package.Rd enaR/man/bal.Rd enaR/man/unpack.Rd enaR/man/enaModelInfo.Rd enaR/man/get.ns.Rd

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