Man pages for enaR
Tools for Ecological Network Analysis

as.bipartiteConverts a network object (unipartite) to a two-mode...
as.extendedCreate an Extended Format Matrix
balBalancing by Either Inputs or Outputs
balanceBalance Flow Network Models
bcratioCalculates the Ratio of Positive to Negative Elements in a...
bgcModelsBigeochemical Cycling Models
cyclivAnalysis of Feeding Cycles in a Network
EcoNetWebAccess example EcoNet models from the EcoNet website.
eigenCentralitythe Eigen Centrality of a Network
enaAllConduct All Major ENA
enaAscendencyCalculates the Ascendency of an Ecological Network
enaControlControl Analyses of Ecological Networks
enaCycleFull Cycle Analysis of Ecological Networks
enaEnvironEcological Network Environs
enaFlowAnalyses of Ecological Networks
enaModelInfoEcosystem Model Information
enaModelsEcosystem Models
enaMTIMixed Trophic Impacts (MTI) Analysis
enaR-packageTools for Ecological Network Analysis (ena)
enaStorageStorage Analyses of Ecological Networks
enaStructureStructure Analyses of Ecological Network
enaTroAggTrophic Aggregations (TroAgg) Analysis
enaUncertaintyProduce a set of plausible network models
enaUtilityUtility Analysis of Ecological Networks
environCentralityEnviron Centrality an Ecological Network
findPathLengthCumulative Flow over a Range of Path Lengths
force.balanceRepeated Application the Balance Function
get.nsQuick Calculation of a Range of Network Statistics.
get.orientReturns the global orientation
meanTrophicLevelmeanTrophicLevel INPUT = network data object, min trophic...
mExpCalculate the exponent of a given matrix
m.listSub-set of the Larger Ecosystem Models
netOrderReorder Nodes in a Network in enaR
oysterIntertidal Oyster Reef Ecosystem Model
packCompile Network Information into a Network Class
read.EcoNetRead an EcoNet model.
read.enamR function to read in a matrix formatted as Mdloti (Ursula...
read.neaRead an NEA formatted model into a network object
read.scorSCOR formatted file into R in multiple formats INPUT = file...
read.wandWAND formatted file into R
relationalChangeRelational change compared between two matrices.
sccFind the strongly connected component
scifixscifix Corrects missing e or E in scientific notation
set.orientGlobally reorients matrices
ShannonDiversityShannonDiversity Shannon Diversity Metrics
signsSigns and summary of input matrix
ssCheckChecks if the given network is out of balance by a given...
structure.statisticsstructural statistics
TESCalculates the Total Environ Storage
TETCalculate the Total Environ Throughflow
troModelsTrophic Models
unpackExtracts network object into a list
write.EcoNetWrite enaR models to an EcoNet formatted file.
write.neaCreate a formatted file with data arranged as expected input...
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