enrichwith: Methods to enrich list-like R objects with extra components

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The enrichwith package provides the enrich method to enrich list-like R objects with new, relevant components. The resulting objects preserve their class, so all methods associated with them still apply. The package can also be used to produce customisable source code templates for the structured implementation of methods to compute new components


Depending on the object, enriching it can be a tedious task. The enrichwith package aims to streamline the task into 3 simple steps:

  1. Use create_enrichwith_skeleton to produce a customisable enrichwith template.

  2. Edit the compute_* functions by adding the specific code that calculates the components.

  3. Finalise the documentation and/or include more examples.

The first step results in a template that includes all necessary functions to carry out the enrichment. The second step is where the user edits the template and implements the calculation of the components that the object will be enriched with. Specifically, each compute_* function takes as input the object to be enriched and returns the corresponding new component to be added to the object.

Everything else (for example, mapping between the enrichment options and the components that the enriched object will have, checks that an enrichment option exists, listing enrichment options, enriching the object, and so on) is taken care of by the methods in enrichwith.

Developers can either put their enrichwith templates in their packages or are welcome to contribute their template to enrichwith, particularly if that extends core R objects.

See Also

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