create_enrichwith_skeleton: Create a enrichwith skeleton

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Create an enrichwith skeleton file for the structured implementation of methods to compute new components for objects of a specific class


create_enrichwith_skeleton(class, option, description, component, path,
  filename = paste0(class, "_options.R"), attempt_rename = TRUE)



the class of the objects to be enriched


a character vector with components the enrichment options


a character vector of length length(options) with components the description of the enrichment options


a list of as many character vectors as length(option), specifying the names of the components that each option will add to the object after enrichment


the path where the skeleton file will be created


the name of the skeleton file


attempt to rename syntactically incorrect component names? Default is TRUE


A file with the necessary functions to use enrichwith infrastructure. The skeleton consists of the following functions

  • One compute_component.class function per component name from unique(unlist(component)). The function takes as input the object to be enriched and returns as output the component to be added to the object.

  • The get_enrichment_options.class function, that takes as input the object to be enriched and an enrichment option, and returns the names of the components that will be appended to the object for this option. This function can also be used to list the available options and print their description.

  • The enrich.class function

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