enrich.lm: Enrich objects of class 'lm'

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


Enrich objects of class lm with any or all of a set auxiliary functions, the maximum likelihood estimate of the dispersion parameter, the expected or observed information at the maximum likelihood estimator, and the first term in the expansion of the bias of the maximum likelihood estimator.


## S3 method for class 'lm'
enrich(object, with = "all", ...)



an object of class lm


a character vector of options for the enrichment of object


extra arguments to be passed to the compute_* functions


The auxiliary functions consist of the score functions, the expected or observed information, the first-order bias of the maximum likelihood estimator as functions of the model parameters, and a simulate function that takes as input the model parameters (including the dispersion if any). The result from the simulate auxiliary function has the same structure to that of the simulate method for lm objects.


The object object of class lm with extra components. get_enrichment_options.lm() returns the components and their descriptions.

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