epiR: Tools for the Analysis of Epidemiological Data

Tools for the analysis of epidemiological data. Contains functions for directly and indirectly adjusting measures of disease frequency, quantifying measures of association on the basis of single or multiple strata of count data presented in a contingency table, and computing confidence intervals around incidence risk and incidence rate estimates. Miscellaneous functions for use in meta-analysis, diagnostic test interpretation, and sample size calculations.

AuthorMark Stevenson <mark.stevenson1@unimelb.edu.au> with contributions from Telmo Nunes, Cord Heuer, Jonathon Marshall, Javier Sanchez, Ron Thornton, Jeno Reiczigel, Jim Robison-Cox, Paola Sebastiani, Peter Solymos, Kazuki Yoshida, Geoff Jones, Sarah Pirikahu, Simon Firestone and Ryan Kyle
Date of publication2016-07-18 14:10:53
MaintainerMark Stevenson <mark.stevenson1@unimelb.edu.au>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

epi.2by2: Summary measures for count data presented in a 2 by 2 table

epi.about: The library epiR: summary information

epi.asc: Write matrix to an ASCII raster file

epi.betabuster: An R version of Wes Johnson and Chun-Lung Su's Betabuster

epi.bohning: Bohning's test for overdispersion of Poisson data

epi.ccc: Concordance correlation coefficient

epi.ccsize: Sample size or power for an unmatched or matched case-control...

epi.cluster1size: Sample size under under one-stage cluster sampling

epi.cluster2size: Sample size under under two-stage cluster sampling

epi.clustersize: Sample size for cluster-sample surveys

epi.cohortsize: Sample size, power or minimum detectable effect for a cohort...

epi.conf: Confidence intervals for means, proportions, incidence, and...

epi.convgrid: Convert British National Grid georeferences to easting and...

epi.cp: Extract unique covariate patterns from a data set

epi.cpresids: Covariate pattern residuals from a logistic regression model

epi.descriptives: Descriptive statistics

epi.detectsize: Sample size to detect disease

epi.dgamma: Estimate the precision of a [structured] heterogeneity term

epi.directadj: Directly adjusted incidence rate estimates

epi.dms: Decimal degrees and degrees, minutes and seconds conversion

epi.dsl: Mixed-effects meta-analysis of binary outcomes using the...

epi.edr: Estimated dissemination ratio

epi.empbayes: Empirical Bayes estimates

epi.epidural: Rates of use of epidural anaesthesia in trials of caregiver...

epi.equivb: Estimate the sample size for a parallel equivalence trial,...

epi.equivc: Estimate the sample size for a parallel equivalence trial,...

epi.herdtest: Estimate herd test characteristics

epi.incin: Laryngeal and lung cancer cases in Lancashire 1974 - 1983

epi.indirectadj: Indirectly adjusted incidence risk estimates

epi.insthaz: Instantaneous hazard computed on the basis of a Kaplan-Meier...

epi.interaction: Relative excess risk due to interaction in a case-control...

epi.iv: Fixed-effect meta-analysis of binary outcomes using the...

epi.kappa: Kappa statistic

epi.ltd: Lactation to date and standard lactation milk yields

epi.meansize: Sample size, power and minimum detectable difference when...

epi.mh: Fixed-effects meta-analysis of binary outcomes using the...

epi.nomogram: Post-test probability of disease given sensitivity and...

epi.noninfb: Estimate the sample size for a parallel non-inferiority...

epi.noninfc: Estimate the sample size for a parallel equivalence trial,...

epi.occc: Overall concordance correlation coefficient (OCCC)

epi.offset: Create offset vector

epi.pooled: Estimate herd test characteristics when pooled sampling is...

epi.popsize: Estimate population size

epi.prcc: Partial rank correlation coefficients

epi.prev: Estimate true prevalence

epi.propsize: Sample size, power and minimum detectable difference when...

epi.RtoBUGS: R to WinBUGS data conversion

epi.SClip: Lip cancer in Scotland 1975 - 1980

epi.simplesize: Sample size under simple random sampling

epi.smd: Fixed-effect meta-analysis of continuous outcomes using the...

epi.stratasize: Sample size under under stratified random sampling

epi.supb: Estimate the sample size for a parallel superiority trial,...

epi.supc: Estimate the sample size for a parallel superiority trial,...

epi.survivalsize: Sample size, power and minimum detectable hazard for time to...

epi.tests: Sensitivity, specificity and predictive value of a diagnostic...


epi.2by2 Man page
epi.about Man page
epi.asc Man page
epi.betabuster Man page
epi.bohning Man page
epi.ccc Man page
epi.ccsize Man page
epi.cluster1size Man page
epi.cluster2size Man page
epi.clustersize Man page
epi.cohortsize Man page
epi.conf Man page
epi.convgrid Man page
epi.cp Man page
epi.cpresids Man page
epi.descriptives Man page
epi.detectsize Man page
epi.dgamma Man page
epi.directadj Man page
epi.dms Man page
epi.dsl Man page
epi.edr Man page
epi.empbayes Man page
epi.epidural Man page
epi.equivb Man page
epi.equivc Man page
epi.herdtest Man page
epi.incin Man page
epi.indirectadj Man page
epi.insthaz Man page
epi.interaction Man page
epi.iv Man page
epi.kappa Man page
epi.ltd Man page
epi.meansize Man page
epi.mh Man page
epi.nomogram Man page
epi.noninfb Man page
epi.noninfc Man page
epi.occc Man page
epi.offset Man page
epi.pooled Man page
epi.popsize Man page
epi.prcc Man page
epi.prev Man page
epi.propsize Man page
epi.RtoBUGS Man page
epi.SClip Man page
epi.simplesize Man page
epi.smd Man page
epi.stratasize Man page
epi.supb Man page
epi.supc Man page
epi.survivalsize Man page
epi.tests Man page
print.epi.2by2 Man page
print.epi.occc Man page
print.epi.tests Man page
summary.epi.2by2 Man page
summary.epi.occc Man page
summary.epi.tests Man page


epiR/R/epi.descriptives.R epiR/R/epi.clustersize.R epiR/R/epi.directadj.R epiR/R/epi.noninfb.R epiR/R/epi.prev.R epiR/R/epi.bohning.R epiR/R/epi.betabuster.R epiR/R/epi.popsize.R epiR/R/epi.kappa.R epiR/R/epi.dsl.R epiR/R/epi.convgrid.R epiR/R/epi.meansize.R epiR/R/epi.ccsize.R epiR/R/epi.indirectadj.R epiR/R/epi.mh.R epiR/R/epi.detectsize.R epiR/R/epi.herdtest.R epiR/R/epi.cluster1size.R epiR/R/epi.asc.R
epiR/R/epi.cp.R epiR/R/epi.conf.R epiR/R/epi.ltd.R epiR/R/epi.nomogram.R epiR/R/epi.propsize.R epiR/R/epi.smd.R epiR/R/epi.noninfc.R epiR/R/epi.cohortsize.R epiR/R/epi.equivb.R epiR/R/epi.about.R epiR/R/epi.dms.R epiR/R/epi.supb.R epiR/R/epi.prcc.R epiR/R/epi.edr.R epiR/R/epi.insthaz.R epiR/R/epi.empbayes.R epiR/R/epi.survivalsize.R epiR/R/epi.simplesize.R epiR/R/epi.occc.R epiR/R/epi.cpresids.R epiR/R/epi.iv.R epiR/R/epi.cluster2size.R epiR/R/epi.2by2.R epiR/R/epi.tests.R epiR/R/epi.dgamma.R epiR/R/epi.stratasize.R epiR/R/epi.pooled.R epiR/R/epi.equivc.R epiR/R/epi.supc.R epiR/R/epi.RtoBUGS.R epiR/R/epi.ccc.R epiR/R/zzz.R epiR/R/epi.offset.R
epiR/man/epi.ccsize.Rd epiR/man/epi.indirectadj.Rd epiR/man/epi.equivb.Rd epiR/man/epi.asc.Rd epiR/man/epi.cohortsize.Rd epiR/man/epi.directadj.Rd epiR/man/epi.supc.Rd epiR/man/epi.about.Rd epiR/man/epi.empbayes.Rd epiR/man/epi.dms.Rd epiR/man/epi.meansize.Rd epiR/man/epi.prcc.Rd epiR/man/epi.tests.Rd epiR/man/epi.betabuster.Rd epiR/man/epi.noninfb.Rd epiR/man/epi.popsize.Rd epiR/man/epi.dgamma.Rd epiR/man/epi.smd.Rd epiR/man/epi.occc.Rd epiR/man/epi.simplesize.Rd epiR/man/epi.stratasize.Rd epiR/man/epi.equivc.Rd epiR/man/epi.interaction.Rd epiR/man/epi.offset.Rd epiR/man/epi.propsize.Rd epiR/man/epi.bohning.Rd epiR/man/epi.conf.Rd epiR/man/epi.clustersize.Rd epiR/man/epi.edr.Rd epiR/man/epi.mh.Rd epiR/man/epi.cpresids.Rd epiR/man/epi.nomogram.Rd epiR/man/epi.cp.Rd epiR/man/epi.ltd.Rd epiR/man/epi.SClip.Rd epiR/man/epi.iv.Rd epiR/man/epi.herdtest.Rd epiR/man/epi.noninfc.Rd epiR/man/epi.convgrid.Rd epiR/man/epi.incin.Rd epiR/man/epi.descriptives.Rd epiR/man/epi.ccc.Rd epiR/man/epi.cluster2size.Rd epiR/man/epi.2by2.Rd epiR/man/epi.cluster1size.Rd epiR/man/epi.prev.Rd epiR/man/epi.survivalsize.Rd epiR/man/epi.kappa.Rd epiR/man/epi.pooled.Rd epiR/man/epi.insthaz.Rd epiR/man/epi.RtoBUGS.Rd epiR/man/epi.supb.Rd epiR/man/epi.dsl.Rd epiR/man/epi.epidural.Rd epiR/man/epi.detectsize.Rd

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