Man pages for epinet
Epidemic/Network-Related Tools

BuildXBuild a dyadic covariate matrix (X)
epi2newickPrints a transmission tree in Newick format.
EpinetUses epidemic data to perform Bayesian inference on a contact...
epinet-internalInternal epinet Objects
essCalculate the Effective Sample Size
HagellochHagelloch measles data.
MCMCcontrolSet control parameters for epinet MCMC algorithm
plot.epidemicPlot the spread of an epidemic
plot.epinetPlot the spread of an epidemic
print.epidemicPrints an epidemict object
print.epinetPrint basic information about an epinet object
PriorcontrolSet prior distributions and hyperparameters for epinet MCMC...
SEIR.simulatorSimulate an epidemic on a contact network
SimulateDyadicLinearERGMSimulates an ERGM network using given covariate values
summary.epidemicSummarize simulated epidemic
summary.epinetSummarize posterior samples from epinet object
write.epinetWrites posterior samples from an epinet object to an output...
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