epitools: Epidemiology Tools

Tools for training and practicing epidemiologists including methods for two-way and multi-way contingency tables.

AuthorTomas J. Aragon [aut], Michael P. Fay [ctb], Daniel Wollschlaeger [ctb], Adam Omidpanah [cre, ctb]
Date of publication2017-03-23 06:29:08 UTC
MaintainerAdam Omidpanah <adam.omidpanah@wsu.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ageadjust.direct: Age standardization by direct method, with exact confidence...

ageadjust.indirect: Age standardization by indirect method, with exact confidence...

as.hour: Convert date-time object into hour units

as.month: Convert dates into months of the year for plotting epidemic...

as.week: Convert dates object in 'disease week' for plotting epidemic...

binom.conf.int: Confidence intervals for binomial counts or proportions

colorbrewer: Display and create ColorBrewer palettes

colors.plot: Plots R's 657 named colors for selection

epicurve: Construct an epidemic curve

epidate: Convert dates into multiple legible formats

epitab: Epidemiologic tabulation for a cohort or case-control study

epitable: Create r x c contigency table (exposure levels vs. binary...

expand.table: Expand contingency table into individual-level data set

expected: Expected values in a table

julian2date: Convert a julian date into standard a date format

kapmeier: Implements product-limit (Kaplan-Meier) method

oddsratio: Odds ratio estimation and confidence intervals

or.midp: Odds ratio estimation and confidence intervals using mid-p...

ormidp.test: odds ratio test for independence (p value) for a 2x2 table

oswego: Outbreak of Gastrointestinal Illness in Oswego County, 1940

pois.conf.int: Confidence intervals for Poisson counts or rates

rate2by2.test: Comparative tests of independence in rx2 rate tables

rateratio: Rate ratio estimation and confidence intervals

ratetable: Create r x 2 count and person-time table for calculating...

riskratio: Risk ratio estimation and confidence intervals

tab2by2.test: Comparative tests of independence in rx2 contigency tables

table.margins: Marginal totals of a table

wcgs: Western Collaborative Group Study data

wnv: West Nile Virus human cases reported in California, USA, as...


ageadjust.direct Man page
ageadjust.indirect Man page
as.hour Man page
as.month Man page
as.week Man page
binom.approx Man page
binom.exact Man page
binom.wilson Man page
colorbrewer.data Man page
colorbrewer.display Man page
colorbrewer.palette Man page
colors.matrix Man page
colors.plot Man page
epicurve.dates Man page
epicurve.hours Man page
epicurve.months Man page
epicurve.table Man page
epicurve.weeks Man page
epidate Man page
epitab Man page
epitable Man page
expand.table Man page
expected Man page
julian2date Man page
kapmeier Man page
oddsratio Man page
oddsratio.fisher Man page
oddsratio.midp Man page
oddsratio.small Man page
oddsratio.wald Man page
or.midp Man page
ormidp.test Man page
oswego Man page
pois.approx Man page
pois.byar Man page
pois.daly Man page
pois.exact Man page
rate2by2.test Man page
rateratio Man page
rateratio.midp Man page
rateratio.wald Man page
ratetable Man page
riskratio Man page
riskratio.boot Man page
riskratio.small Man page
riskratio.wald Man page
tab2by2.test Man page
table.margins Man page
wcgs Man page
wnv Man page


epitools/R/as.week.R epitools/R/rate2by2.test.R epitools/R/epidate.R epitools/R/ageadjust.direct.R epitools/R/epicurve.dates.R epitools/R/colors.matrix.R epitools/R/pois.daly.R epitools/R/pois.exact.R epitools/R/tab2by2.test.R epitools/R/oddsratio.small.R epitools/R/epitab.R epitools/R/expand.table.R epitools/R/colorbrewer.pallette.R epitools/R/colors.plot.R epitools/R/oddsratio.wald.R epitools/R/or.midp.R epitools/R/riskratio.wald.R epitools/R/epicurve.hours.R epitools/R/as.month.R epitools/R/riskratio.boot.R epitools/R/pois.byar.R epitools/R/riskratio.R epitools/R/kapmeier.R epitools/R/rateratio.R epitools/R/oddsratio.R epitools/R/rateratio.midp.R epitools/R/ratetable.R epitools/R/ageadjust.indirect.R epitools/R/ormidp.test.R epitools/R/table.margins.R epitools/R/rateratio.wald.R epitools/R/binom.approx.R epitools/R/colorbrewer.display.R epitools/R/binom.exact.R epitools/R/epicurve.table.R epitools/R/epicurve.months.R epitools/R/pois.approx.R epitools/R/riskratio.small.R epitools/R/oddsratio.midp.R epitools/R/as.hour.R epitools/R/colorbrewer.data.R epitools/R/binom.wilson.R epitools/R/oddsratio.fisher.R epitools/R/julian2date.R epitools/R/epicurve.weeks.R epitools/R/epitable.R epitools/R/expected.R
epitools/man/table.margins.Rd epitools/man/ageadjust.direct.Rd epitools/man/epitab.Rd epitools/man/epidate.Rd epitools/man/ormidp.test.Rd epitools/man/expand.table.Rd epitools/man/julian2date.Rd epitools/man/riskratio.Rd epitools/man/ratetable.Rd epitools/man/wcgs.Rd epitools/man/rate2by2.test.Rd epitools/man/ageadjust.indirect.Rd epitools/man/pois.conf.int.Rd epitools/man/wnv.Rd epitools/man/as.hour.Rd epitools/man/oddsratio.Rd epitools/man/colors.plot.Rd epitools/man/epicurve.Rd epitools/man/binom.conf.int.Rd epitools/man/tab2by2.test.Rd epitools/man/expected.Rd epitools/man/as.week.Rd epitools/man/epitable.Rd epitools/man/colorbrewer.Rd epitools/man/as.month.Rd epitools/man/or.midp.Rd epitools/man/kapmeier.Rd epitools/man/rateratio.Rd epitools/man/oswego.Rd

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