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Epidemiology Tools

ageadjust.directAge standardization by direct method, with exact confidence...
ageadjust.indirectAge standardization by indirect method, with exact confidence...
as.hourConvert date-time object into hour units
as.monthConvert dates into months of the year for plotting epidemic...
as.weekConvert dates object in 'disease week' for plotting epidemic...
binom.conf.intConfidence intervals for binomial counts or proportions
colorbrewerDisplay and create ColorBrewer palettes
colors.plotPlots R's 657 named colors for selection
epicurveConstruct an epidemic curve
epidateConvert dates into multiple legible formats
epitabEpidemiologic tabulation for a cohort or case-control study
epitableCreate r x c contigency table (exposure levels vs. binary...
expand.tableExpand contingency table into individual-level data set
expectedExpected values in a table
julian2dateConvert a julian date into standard a date format
kapmeierImplements product-limit (Kaplan-Meier) method
oddsratioOdds ratio estimation and confidence intervals
or.midpOdds ratio estimation and confidence intervals using mid-p...
ormidp.testodds ratio test for independence (p value) for a 2x2 table
oswegoOutbreak of Gastrointestinal Illness in Oswego County, 1940
pois.conf.intConfidence intervals for Poisson counts or rates
probratioObtain unbiased probability ratios from logistic regression...
rate2by2.testComparative tests of independence in rx2 rate tables
rateratioRate ratio estimation and confidence intervals
ratetableCreate r x 2 count and person-time table for calculating...
riskratioRisk ratio estimation and confidence intervals
tab2by2.testComparative tests of independence in rx2 contigency tables
table.marginsMarginal totals of a table
wcgsWestern Collaborative Group Study data
wnvWest Nile Virus human cases reported in California, USA, as...
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