Man pages for eqtl
Tools for analyzing eQTL experiments: A complementary to Karl Broman's 'qtl' package for genome-wide analysis

AA.brief.introductionIntroductory comments on R/eqtl
A.importing.dataA simple way to import the data
ATH.coordData on probes coordinates
BSpgmapGenetic map data of a RIL population
calc.adefCompute the additive effect at each QTL marker
calc.RsqEstimate R square of individual QTLs and QTL interactions
cim.peakGenome scan using previously detected QTLs as covariates
classify.qtlEstimate the acting type of expression QTL
cleanpheRemove undesired phenotypes and LOD results from cross and...
cover.peakList QTLs within a genetical region from a peak object
define.peakDefines the QTL with support interval and exclusionary window
drop.peakfeatErase peak features in peak object
eqtlversionInstalled version of R/eqtl
genoplotGenome plot of the eQTL data on the expression traits...
gptGlobal Permutation Threshold
localize.qtlCompute QTL physical positions from QTL genetic positions
map.peakSummaries maximum LOD peak position from peak object
mnames.mapList all markers from a cross object
peak.2.arrayBuild a simple array from a peak object
peaksummaryPrint summary of QTL definition
plotRsqPlot R square data
pseudo.mapThe makers and pseudo-markers genetic map
Rsq.2.arrayAdd R square data to peak.array data frame
seed10Data on gene expression level variation
wash.covarErase additive covariates LOD peaks on the LOD curve
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