Man pages for erer
Empirical Research in Economics with R

aiDataTransforming Raw Data for Static AIDS Model
aiDiagDiagnostic Statitics for Static or Dynamic AIDS Model
aiDynFitFitting a Dynamic AIDS Model
aiElasComputing Elasticity for Static or Dynamic AIDS Models
aiStaFitFitting a Static AIDS Model
aiStaHauConducting a Hausman Test on a Static AIDS Model
bsFormuGenerating Formula for Models
bsLagLagged Time Series
bsStatSummary of Basic Statistics
bsTabGenerating Pretty Statistical Tables
daBedTransformed Wooden Beds Import Data for Static AIDS Models
daBedRawWooden Beds Import Data
daEsaDaily returns of 14 public firms from 1990 to 2004
daExpExpenditure Data for a Hausman Test in AIDS Model
daInsLiability Insurance Coverage for Hunters and Anglers in...
daInsNamLiability Insurance Coverage for Hunters and Anglers in...
daLawData for statutory reforms and retention of prescribed fire...
daPeProgram Effectiveness of a New Method of Teaching Economics
daRollVoting records for the Healthy Forests Restoration Act in...
download.libDownloading source and PDF version of R packages
erer-packageEmpirical Research in Economics with R
evReturnEstimating Abnormal Return from Event Analysis
evRiskRisk Evaluation for Event Analysis
head.tsReturn the first or last part of time series data
listnGenerate a list object with names
lssList Objects with Their Sizes
maBinaMarginal Effect for Binary Probit and Logit Model
maTrendTrend of probability values in a binary choice model
ocMEMarginal Effect for Ordered Choice Model
ocProbProbability trend for a continuous variable in an ordered...
summary.aiFitSummary of Results from Static or Dynamic Models
systemfitARLinear Equation System Estimation with Correction on...
ur.df2Augmented-Dickey-Fuller Unit Root Test revised
write.listOutput and Write a List Object
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