Man pages for ergm.ego
Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Random Graph Models to Egocentrically Sampled Network Data

as.egodata.networkConstruct an Egocentric View of a Network an Empty "Template" Network Consistent with an...
control.ergm.egoControl parameters for 'ergm.ego'.
control.simulate.ergm.egoControl parameters for 'simulate.ergm.ego'.
degreedist.egodataPlotting the degree distribution of an egocentric dataset
egodataConvert to or Construct 'egodata' Objects
ergm.egoInference for Exponential-Family Random Graph Models based on...
ergm.ego-terms'ergm' Terms Implemented for 'egodata'
gof.ergm.egoConduct Goodness-of-Fit Diagnostics on a Exponential Family...
mixingmatrix.egodataSummarizing the mixing among groups in an egocentric dataset
node-attr-apiHelper functions for specifying nodal attribute levels
simulate.ergm.egoSimulate from a 'ergm.ego' fit.
subset.egodataSubsetting 'egodata' Objects
summary_formula.egodataCalculation of ERGM-style summary statistics for 'egodata'...
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