Man pages for ergm.ego
Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Random Graph Models to Egocentrically Sampled Network Data

as.egor.egodataConvert (deprecated) 'egodata' Objects to 'egor' Objects
as.egor.networkConstruct an Egocentric View of a 'network' Object
control.ergm.egoControl parameters for 'ergm.ego'.
control.simulate.ergm.egoControl parameters for 'simulate.ergm.ego'.
degreedist.egorPlotting the degree distribution of an egocentric dataset
EgoStat-internalHelper functions of EgoStats. Some may be documented and...
ergm.egoInference for Exponential-Family Random Graph Models based on...
ergm.ego-terms'ergm' Terms Implemented for 'egor'
fmhfitFitted ergm.ego model object
gof.ergm.egoConduct Goodness-of-Fit Diagnostics on a Exponential Family...
mixingmatrix.egorSummarizing the mixing among groups in an egocentric dataset
nodal_attributes-APIHelper functions for specifying nodal attribute levels
predict.ergm.egoERGM-based predicted tie probabilities for the...
sampleDraw random egocentric subsamples
simulate.ergm.egoSimulate from a 'ergm.ego' fit.
snctrlStatnet Control
summary_formula.egorCalculation of ERGM-style summary statistics for 'egor'...
template_networkConstruct an Empty "Template" Network Consistent with an...
times-.svystatA scalar multiplication method for 'svystat'
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