ERGM terms cross-reference

This document is an automatically generated cross reference for the ergm model terms from the stanet project. The source for this data and additional descriptions are in the ?ergm.terms help file or the ergm manual.


Interactive searching

It is possible to search the ergm-terms help page and search for specific categories of terms using the search.ergmTerms command. For example to find all the terms that mention 'triangle' in their description:


Or to find all of the dyad-independent bipartite terms:


Basic / Frequently-used term category matrix

For convenience, this table lists a subset of the most commonly-used ergm terms and categories.

ergm:::.termMatrix(terms,categories=c('binary', 'valued', 'directed', 'undirected', 'bipartite', 'dyad-independent','operator','layer-aware'),only.include='frequently-used')

For convenience, this table lists operator terms: terms that wrap or modify other terms.

ergm:::.termMatrix(terms,categories=c('binary', 'valued', 'directed', 'undirected', 'bipartite', 'dyad-independent','operator','layer-aware'),only.include='operator')

Complete term category matrix

This table lists the complete set of terms available in the ergm package. In HTML versions, clicking on a term name will jump to its definition.


Term definitions table

This table lists full definitions for all of the terms along with their tags. Note that some terms may have multiple versions (e.g. valued vs. binary) with slightly different arguments and will be listed more than once with the same definition.


Term index by category

Note that currently the categories are somewhat ambiguous in their exclusivity. For example, a term marked as 'directed' can not be used with an undirected network, but a term not marked with either 'directed' or 'undirected' can be used with both. (rename to 'directed-only' ?)


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