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Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks

absdiffcat-ergmTermCategorical absolute difference in nodal attribute
absdiff-ergmTermAbsolute difference in nodal attribute
altkstar-ergmTermAlternating k-star
anova.ergmANOVA for ERGM Fits
approx.hotelling.diff.testApproximate Hotelling T^2-Test for One or Two Population... a Simple Random network of a Given Size
as.rlebdm.ergmExtract dyad-level ERGM constraint information from an 'ergm'...
as.rlebdm.ergm_conlistExtract dyad-level ERGM constraint information into an...
asymmetric-ergmTermAsymmetric dyads
atleast-ergmTermNumber of dyads with values greater than or equal to a...
atmost-ergmTermNumber of dyads with values less than or equal to a threshold
attrcov-ergmTermEdge covariate by attribute pairing
b1concurrent-ergmTermConcurrent node count for the first mode in a bipartite...
b1cov-ergmTermMain effect of a covariate for the first mode in a bipartite...
b1degrange-ergmTermDegree range for the first mode in a bipartite network
b1degree-ergmTermDegree for the first mode in a bipartite network
b1degrees-ergmConstraintPreserve the actor degree for bipartite networks
b1dsp-ergmTermDyadwise shared partners for dyads in the first bipartition
b1factor-ergmTermFactor attribute effect for the first mode in a bipartite...
b1mindegree-ergmTermMinimum degree for the first mode in a bipartite network
b1nodematch-ergmTermNodal attribute-based homophily effect for the first mode in...
b1star-ergmTermk-Stars for the first mode in a bipartite network
b1starmix-ergmTermMixing matrix for k-stars centered on the first mode of a...
b1twostar-ergmTermTwo-star census for central nodes centered on the first mode...
b2concurrent-ergmTermConcurrent node count for the second mode in a bipartite...
b2cov-ergmTermMain effect of a covariate for the second mode in a bipartite...
b2degrange-ergmTermDegree range for the second mode in a bipartite network
b2degree-ergmTermDegree for the second mode in a bipartite network
b2degrees-ergmConstraintPreserve the receiver degree for bipartite networks
b2dsp-ergmTermDyadwise shared partners for dyads in the second bipartition
b2factor-ergmTermFactor attribute effect for the second mode in a bipartite...
b2mindegree-ergmTermMinimum degree for the second mode in a bipartite network
b2nodematch-ergmTermNodal attribute-based homophily effect for the second mode in...
b2star-ergmTermk-Stars for the second mode in a bipartite network
b2starmix-ergmTermMixing matrix for k-stars centered on the second mode of a...
b2twostar-ergmTermTwo-star census for central nodes centered on the second mode...
balance-ergmTermBalanced triads
bd-ergmConstraintConstrain maximum and minimum vertex degree
BDStratTNT-ergmProposalTNT proposal with degree bounds
B-ergmTermWrap binary terms for use in valued models
Bernoulli-ergmReferenceBernoulli reference
blockdiag-ergmConstraintForce a block-diagonal structure on the network
blocks-ergmConstraintConstrain "blocks" of dyads
call.ErgmTermLocate and call an ERGM term initialization function.
check.ErgmTermEnsures an Ergm Term and its Arguments Meet Appropriate...
cohabTarget statistics and model fit to a hypothetical 50,000-node...
coincidence-ergmTermCoincident node count for the second mode in a bipartite (aka...
concurrent-ergmTermConcurrent node count
concurrentties-ergmTermConcurrent tie count
CondB1Degree-ergmProposalMHp for b1degree constraints
CondB2Degree-ergmProposalMHp for b2degree constraints
CondDegreeDist-ergmProposalMHp for degreedist constraints
CondDegree-ergmProposalMHp for degree constraints
CondDegreeMix-ergmProposalMHp for degree mix constraints
CondInDegreeDist-ergmProposalMHp for idegreedist constraints
CondInDegree-ergmProposalMHp for idegree constraints
CondOutDegreeDist-ergmProposalMHp for odegreedist constraints
CondOutDegree-ergmProposalMHp for odegree constraints
ConstantEdges-ergmProposalMHp for edges constraints
control.ergmAuxiliary for Controlling ERGM Fitting
control.ergm.bridgeAuxiliaries for Controlling 'ergm.bridge.llr()' and...
control.ergm.godfatherControl parameters for 'ergm.godfather()'.
control.gofAuxiliary for Controlling ERGM Goodness-of-Fit Evaluation
control.sanAuxiliary for Controlling SAN
control.simulate.ergmAuxiliary for Controlling ERGM Simulation
ctriple-ergmTermCyclic triples
Curve-ergmTermImpose a curved structure on term parameters
cycle-ergmTermk-Cycle Census
cyclicalties-ergmTermCyclical ties
cyclicalweights-ergmTermCyclical weights
ddsp-ergmTermDirected dyadwise shared partners
degcor-ergmTermDegree Correlation
degcrossprod-ergmTermDegree Cross-Product
degrange-ergmTermDegree range
degree1.5-ergmTermDegree to the 3/2 power
degreedistComputes and Returns the Degree Distribution Information for...
degreedist-ergmConstraintPreserve the degree distribution of the given network
degrees-ergmConstraintPreserve the degree of each vertex of the given network
desp-ergmTermDirected edgewise shared partners
dgwdsp-ergmTermGeometrically weighted dyadwise shared partner distribution
dgwesp-ergmTermGeometrically weighted edgewise shared partner distribution
dgwnsp-ergmTermGeometrically weighted non-edgewise shared partner...
DiscUnif-ergmReferenceDiscrete Uniform reference
dnsp-ergmTermDirected non-edgewise shared partners
dot-dyads-ergmConstraintA meta-constraint indicating handling of arbitrary dyadic...
dsp-ergmTermDyadwise shared partners
dyadcov-ergmTermDyadic covariate
dyadnoise-ergmConstraintA soft constraint to adjust the sampled distribution for...
Dyads-ergmConstraintConstrain fixed or varying dyad-independent terms
ecoliTwo versions of an E. Coli network dataset
edgecov-ergmTermEdge covariate
edges-ergmConstraintPreserve the edge count of the given network
edges-ergmTermNumber of edges in the network
egocentric-ergmConstraintPreserve values of dyads incident on vertices with given...
enformulate.curved-deprecatedConvert a curved ERGM into a form suitable as initial values...
equalto-ergmTermNumber of dyads with values equal to a specific value (within...
ergmExponential-Family Random Graph Models
ergm.allstatsCalculate all possible vectors of statistics on a network for...
ergm_bd_initInitializes the parameters to bound degree during sampling
ergm.bridge.llrBridge sampling to evaluate ERGM log-likelihoods and...
ergmConstraintSample Space Constraints for Exponential-Family Random Graph...
ergm_Cstate_clearDeallocate the C data structures corresponding to an...
ergm-defunctFunctions that have been removed from this package
ergm-deprecatedFunctions that will no longer be supported in future releases...
ergm.designObtain the set of informative dyads based on the network...
ergm_dyadgen_selectA helper function to select and construct a dyad generator...
ergm_edgecov_argsA common pattern for obtaining an edge covariate
ergm-errorsSensible error and warning messages by 'ergm' initializers
ergm.estfunCompute the Sample Estimating Function Values of an ERGM.
ergm.etaOperations to map curved 'ergm()' parameters onto canonical...
ergm.exactCalculate the exact loglikelihood for an ERGM
ergm.geodistdistCalculate geodesic distance distribution for a network or...
ergm.getnetworkAcquire and verify the network from the LHS of an 'ergm'...
ergm.godfatherA function to apply a given series of changes to a network.
ergm_GWDECAYCurved settings for geometric weights for the gw* terms
ergmHintMCMC Hints for Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
ergm-internalInternal ergm Objects
ergm_keywordDynamic ERGM keyword registry
ergmKeywordKeywords defined for Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
ergmlhsAn API for specifying aspects of an 'ergm' model in the...
ergm_MCMC_sampleInternal Function to Sample Networks and Network Statistics
ergm_mk_std_op_namewrapCombine an operator term's and a subterm's name in a standard...
ergm_modelInternal representation of an 'ergm' network model
ergm.mpleFind a maximizer to the psuedolikelihood function
ergmMPLEERGM Predictors and response for logistic regression...
ergm-optionsGlobal options and term options for the 'ergm' package
ergm-packageFit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for...
ergm-parallelParallel Processing in the 'ergm' Package
ergm_plot.mcmc.listPlot MCMC list using 'lattice' package graphics
ergm_preprocess_responseUpdate the network and the response argument.
ergm_propagate_ext.encodeExtended states for submodels
ergm_proposalFunctions to initialize the ergm_proposal object
ergmProposalMetropolis-Hastings Proposal Methods for ERGM MCMC
ergm_proposal_tableTable mapping reference,constraints, etc. to ERGM...
ergmReferenceReference Measures for Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
ergm_SAN_slaveInternal Function to Perform Simulated Annealing
ergm_stateA Representation of ERGM state
ergm_state_cacheA rudimentary cache for large objects
ergm_symmetrizeReturn a symmetrized version of a binary network
ergmTermTerms used in Exponential Family Random Graph Models
esp-ergmTermEdgewise shared partners
Exp-ergmTermExponentiate a network's statistic
faux.desert.highFaux desert High School as a network object
faux.dixon.highFaux dixon High School as a network object
faux.magnolia.highGoodreau's Faux Magnolia High School as a network object
faux.mesa.highGoodreau's Faux Mesa High School as a network object
F-ergmTermFiltering on arbitrary one-term model
fixallbut-ergmConstraintPreserve the dyad status in all but the given edges
fix.curvedConvert a curved ERGM into a corresponding "fixed" ERGM.
fixedas-ergmConstraintPreserve and preclude edges
florentineFlorentine Family Marriage and Business Ties Data as a...
g4Goodreau's four node network as a "network" object
get.node.attrRetrieve and check assumptions about vertex attributes (nodal...
geweke.diag.mvMultivariate version of 'coda"s 'coda::geweke.diag()'.
gofConduct Goodness-of-Fit Diagnostics on a Exponential Family...
greaterthan-ergmTermNumber of dyads with values strictly greater than a threshold
gwb1degree-ergmTermGeometrically weighted degree distribution for the first mode...
gwb1dsp-ergmTermGeometrically weighted dyadwise shared partner distribution...
gwb2degree-ergmTermGeometrically weighted degree distribution for the second...
gwb2dsp-ergmTermGeometrically weighted dyadwise shared partner distribution...
gwdegree-ergmTermGeometrically weighted degree distribution
gwdsp-ergmTermGeometrically weighted dyadwise shared partner distribution
gwesp-ergmTermGeometrically weighted edgewise shared partner distribution
gwidegree-ergmTermGeometrically weighted in-degree distribution
gwnsp-ergmTermGeometrically weighted nonedgewise shared partner...
gwodegree-ergmTermGeometrically weighted out-degree distribution
hamming-ergmConstraintPreserve the hamming distance to the given network (BROKEN:...
hamming-ergmTermHamming distance
idegrange-ergmTermIn-degree range
idegree1.5-ergmTermIn-degree to the 3/2 power
idegreedist-ergmConstraintPreserve the indegree distribution
idegrees-ergmConstraintPreserve indegree for directed networks
ininterval-ergmTermNumber of dyads whose values are in an interval
intransitive-ergmTermIntransitive triads
is.curvedTesting for curved exponential family
is.dyad.independentTesting for dyad-independence
is.inCHDetermine whether a vector is in the closure of the convex...
isolatededges-ergmTermIsolated edges
is.valuedFunction to check whether an ERGM fit or some aspect of it is...
kapfererKapferer's tailor shop data
Label-ergmTermModify terms' coefficient names
localtriangle-ergmTermTriangles within neighborhoods
Log-ergmTermTake a natural logarithm of a network's statistic
logLik.ergmA 'logLik' method for 'ergm' fits.
logLikNullCalculate the null model likelihood
m2star-ergmTermMixed 2-stars, a.k.a 2-paths
mcmc.diagnosticsConduct MCMC diagnostics on a model fit
meandeg-ergmTermMean vertex degree
mm-ergmTermMixing matrix cells and margins
moleculeSynthetic network with 20 nodes and 28 edges
nearsimmelian-ergmTermNear simmelian triads
network.listA convenience container for a list of 'network' objects,...
nodal_attributesSpecifying nodal attributes and their levels
nodal_attributes-APIHelper functions for specifying nodal attribute levels
nodecovar-ergmTermCovariance of undirected dyad values incident on each actor
nodecov-ergmTermMain effect of a covariate
nodefactor-ergmTermFactor attribute effect
nodeicovar-ergmTermCovariance of in-dyad values incident on each actor
nodeicov-ergmTermMain effect of a covariate for in-edges
nodeifactor-ergmTermFactor attribute effect for in-edges
nodematch-ergmTermUniform homophily and differential homophily
NodematchFilter-ergmTermFiltering on nodematch
nodemix-ergmTermNodal attribute mixing
nodeocovar-ergmTermCovariance of out-dyad values incident on each actor
nodeocov-ergmTermMain effect of a covariate for out-edges
nodeofactor-ergmTermFactor attribute effect for out-edges
nparamLength of the parameter vector associated with an object or...
nsp-ergmTermNonedgewise shared partners
nvattr.copy.networkCopy network- and vertex-level attributes between two network...
observed-ergmConstraintPreserve the observed dyads of the given network
odegrange-ergmTermOut-degree range
odegree1.5-ergmTermOut-degree to the 3/2 power
odegreedist-ergmConstraintPreserve the outdegree distribution
odegrees-ergmConstraintPreserve outdegree for directed networks
Offset-ergmTermTerms with fixed coefficients
opentriad-ergmTermOpen triads
param_namesNames of the parameters associated with an object.
predict.formulaERGM-based tie probabilities
Prod-ergmTermA product (or an arbitrary power combination) of one or more...
randomtoggle-ergmProposalPropose a randomly selected dyad to toggle
rank_test.ergmA lack-of-fit test for ERGMs
receiver-ergmTermReceiver effect
rlebdmRLE-Compressed Boolean Dyad Matrix
samplkLongitudinal networks of positive affection within a...
sampsonCumulative network of positive affection within a monastery...
sanUse Simulated Annealing to attempt to match a network to a...
search.ergmConstraintsSearch the ERGM Constraint
search.ergmProposalsSearch the ERGM Proposals
search.ergmReferencesSearch the ERGM References
search.ergmTermsSearch the ERGM terms
sender-ergmTermSender effect
S-ergmTermEvaluation on an induced subgraph
simmelian-ergmTermSimmelian triads
simmelianties-ergmTermTies in simmelian triads
simulate.ergmDraw from the distribution of an Exponential Family Random...
simulate.formulaA 'simulate' Method for 'formula' objects that dispatches...
smalldiff-ergmTermNumber of ties between actors with similar attribute values
smallerthan-ergmTermNumber of dyads with values strictly smaller than a threshold
snctrlStatnet Control
sociality-ergmTermUndirected degree
sparse-ergmHintSparse network
spectrum0.mvarMultivariate version of 'coda"s ''.
StdNormal-ergmReferenceStandard Normal reference
strat-ergmHintStratified dyads
sum-ergmTermSum of dyad values (optionally taken to a power)
summary.ergmSummarizing ERGM Model Fits
summary.ergm_modelEvaluate network summary statistics from an initialized ergm...
summary_formulaDispatching a summary function based on the class of the LHS...
summary.formulaCalculation of network or graph statistics or other...
Sum-operator-ergmTermA sum (or an arbitrary linear combination) of one or more...
Symmetrize-ergmTermEvaluation on symmetrized (undirected) network
TNT-ergmProposalDefault MH algorithm
to_ergm_CdoubleMethods to serialize objects into numeric vectors for passing...
transitive-ergmTermTransitive triads
transitiveties-ergmTermTransitive ties
transitiveweights-ergmTermTransitive weights
triadcensus-ergmTermTriad census
tripercent-ergmTermTriangle percentage
ttriple-ergmTermTransitive triples
Unif-ergmReferenceContinuous Uniform reference
update.networkUpdate the edges in a network based on a matrix
wrap.ergm_modelWrap a submodel's curved, empty network statistics, and...
wtd.medianWeighted Median
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