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Calculation of network or graph statistics or other attributes specified on a formula


Most generally, this function computes those summaries of the object on the LHS of the formula that are specified by its RHS. In particular, if given a network as its LHS and ergmTerm on its RHS, it computes the sufficient statistics associated with those terms.


## S3 method for class 'formula'
summary(object, ...)



A formula having as its LHS a network object or a matrix that can be coerced to a network object, a network.list, or other types to be summarized using a formula. (See ‘methods(’summary_formula') for the possible LHS types.


further arguments passed to or used by methods.


In practice, summary.formula() is a thin wrapper around the summary_formula() generic, which dispatches methods based on the class of the LHS of the formula.


A vector of statistics specified in RHS of the formula.

See Also

ergm(), network(), ergmTerm


# Lets look at the Florentine marriage data
# test the summary_formula function
summary(flomarriage ~ edges + kstar(2))
m <- as.matrix(flomarriage)
summary(m ~ edges)  # twice as large as it should be
summary(m ~ edges, directed=FALSE) # Now it's correct

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