wrap.ergm_model: Wrap a submodel's curved, empty network statistics, and...

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wrap.ergm_modelR Documentation

Wrap a submodel's curved, empty network statistics, and extended state (read-only) specification (if present) for output from an InitErgmTerm or InitWtErgmTerm.


Given a ergm model and (optionally) a function with which to wrap parameter names, wrap the calls to its ergm.eta() and ergm.etagrad() into map() and gradient() functions, similarly with the params element; wrap empty network statistics; wrap indicator of dyadic independence; and wrap offset indicators.


wrap.ergm_model(m, nw, namewrap = identity)



An ergm_model object.


A network object.


An optional function taking a character vector and returning a character vector of the same length, called on the model's canonical and curved parameter names to wrap them. Set to NULL for auxiliary terms to avoid generating elements not relevant to auxiliaries.


a list with elements map, gradient, params, emptynwstats, dependence, offsettheta, and offsetmap, suitable for concatenating with an InitErgmTerm or InitWtErgmTerm output list (possibly after modification).

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