ergm_proposal_table: Table mapping reference,constraints, etc. to ERGM...

ergm_proposal_tableR Documentation

Table mapping reference,constraints, etc. to ERGM Metropolis-Hastings proposals


This is a low-level function not intended to be called directly by end users. For information on Metropolis-Hastings proposal methods, ergm-proposals. This function sets up the table mapping constraints, references, etc. to ergm_proposals. Calling it with arguments adds a new row to this table. Calling it without arguments returns the table so far.


ergm_proposal_table(Class, Reference, Constraints, Priority, Weights, Proposal)



default to "c"


The reference measure used in the model. For the list of reference measures, see ergmReference


The constraints used in the model. For the list of constraints, see ergmConstraint. They are specified as a single string of text, with each contrast prefixed by either & for constraints that the proposal always enforces or | for constraints that the proposal can enforce if needed.


On existence of multiple qualifying proposals, specifies the priority (-1,0,1, etc.) of proposals to be used.


The sampling weights on selecting toggles (random, TNT, etc).


The matching proposal from the previous arguments.


The arguments Class, Reference, and Constraints can have length greater than 1. If this is the case, the rows added to the table are a Cartesian product of their elements.

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