ergm-deprecated: Functions that will no longer be supported in future releases...

ergm-deprecatedR Documentation

Functions that will no longer be supported in future releases of the package


Functions that have been superceed, were never documented, or will be removed from the package for other reasons


## S3 method for class 'ergm'
coef(object, ...)

## S3 method for class 'ergm'

InitErgmTerm.degreepopularity(nw, arglist, ...)

InitErgmTerm.hammingmix(nw, arglist, ..., version = packageVersion("ergm"))

InitErgmTerm.idegreepopularity(nw, arglist, ...)

InitErgmTerm.odegreepopularity(nw, arglist, ...), ...)



See Extract.

nw, arglist, ..., fname, varnames, vartypes, defaultvalues, required, nw.bipartiteflag, requirement, extramessage, nw.directedflag, m, response, formula, object, new,, x, model, proposal, eta0, control, verbose, update.nws, Clist,, burnin, samplesize, interval, maxedges, attrname, label, coord, jitter, thresh, usearrows, mode, displayisolates, interactive, xlab, ylab, xlim, ylim, pad, label.pad, displaylabels, boxed.labels, label.pos,, vertex.sides, vertex.rot, arrowhead.cex, label.cex, loop.cex, vertex.cex, edge.col, label.col, vertex.col, label.border, vertex.border, edge.lty, label.lty, vertex.lty, edge.lwd, label.lwd, edge.len, edge.curve, edge.steps, loop.steps, object.scale, uselen, usecurve, suppress.axes, vertices.last, layout.par, cex.main, cex.sub, seed, latent.control, colornames, latent, preserve.eattr

Arguments to deprecated functions.


  • coef(ergm): extracts the ergm parameters; may be removed in favour of the default method once the number of ergm objects with ⁠$coef⁠ elements in the wild is sufficiently low.

  • $: accesses elements of ergm objects; needed for backwards compatibility when components get renamed.

  • InitErgmTerm.degreepopularity(): Use degree1.5 instead.

  • InitErgmTerm.idegreepopularity(): Use idegree1.5 instead.

  • InitErgmTerm.odegreepopularity(): Use odegree1.5 instead.

  • returns the offset vectors associated with a formula.

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