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New in version 2.2. A time updating of an etasclass objects: a very experimental version that can be used only on etasclass objects obtained from etasflp versions 2.2 or newer.


timeupdate.etasclass(object, params.estimation = FALSE, ...)



an etasclass object obtained from etasFLP versions 2.2 or newer that will be updated for a new time window with new events.


logical. if TRUE parameters will be estimated again even if quickly, with few optimizations steps. Elsewhere ETAS estimates of input object will be mantained


optional arguments that will override the corresponding arguments in object, possibly including a new catalog input or a new tmax


It is a beta version. A new ETAS model is fitted to a previous object of class etasclass with a new catalog which must be a catalog which extends the previous one on a wider time window, that is a catalog with new observations.

As a default a new quick execution is made, with one quick iteration for parameter updating and an iteration for background density estimation.


a new etasclass object

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