Man pages for exact2x2
Exact Tests and Confidence Intervals for 2x2 Tables

binomMeldtestMelded Binomial Confidence Intervals and Tests
borrControlAlgorithm variables used by borrTest.
borrOrderingInternalBORR Ordering, internal calculation functions
borrTestBoundary-Optimized Rejection Region Test
boschlooBoschloo's test for 2x2 Tables
calcTallCalculate all Tstat for all values of the (n1+1) X (n2+1)...
constrMLECalculate constrained MLEs.
exact2x2Exact Conditional Tests for 2 by 2 Tables of Count Data
exact2x2-internalInternal functions for exact2x2. Not to be called by user.
exact2x2-packageExact Tests and Confidence Intervals for 2x2 Tables
exact2x2PlotPlot p-value function for one 2 by 2 table.
mcnemarExactDPExact McNemar (Paired Binary) Test with Difference in...
pickTstatPick T statistic (ordering function) for unconditional exact...
plotTPlot or Print ordering function for unconditional exact test
power2gridCreate grid for root search.
power2x2Calculate exact power or sample size for conditional tests...
powerPaired2x2Power for exact McNemar's test
ucControlAlgorithm variables used by uncondExact2x2.
uncondExact2x2Unconditional exact tests for 2x2 tables
uncondExact2x2-internalInternal functions for unconditional exact tests.
uncondPower2x2Calculate power or sample size for any 2x2 test.
unirootGridFunction to find a root by grid search.
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